No Ticket

No Ticket

Showing German football fans during the 2010 FIFA world cup. A very interesting insight into a nation's response to a world event. Focused just on the crowd and the joy or sadness in ...

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:8 minutes
  • Release:2010
  • Language:German
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:No Ticket 2010 full movies, No Ticket torrents movie

Showing German football fans during the 2010 FIFA world cup. A very interesting insight into a nation's response to a world event. Focused just on the crowd and the joy or sadness in ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


No Ticket torrent reviews

George L (au) wrote: Fantastic film and at times very funny. Engaging story with great characters and a tremendous Christian Bale performance.

Jenny N (kr) wrote: amazing movie and amazing acting by all. I highly recommend it.

Lauren S (es) wrote: A really fun take on the found footage genre!

Daniel P (ru) wrote: This movie made me feel broken, like I had suddenly woken up old and alone. It manages, somehow, to tell that "scuffling twenty-somethings" story in a way that feels fresh and vivid and honest, and merges this plot with a concert film. It made me long to be young and sexy and free and to lose myself in a rock show, specifically a rock show at Harbourfront Centre in Toronto, where I haven't seen a show in at least five years, somehow. And while I'm trashing my own Toronto cred, I'll say that my general indifference to Broken Social Scene (what? But they're FROM Toronto...) didn't stand in the way of enjoying the movie. I think where it succeeded with the often-precious "entry to adulthood" story was that it took a less-is-more approach, punctuating the telling moments - a sort of short-hand plot - with cuts back to the concert. And hilariously: only Canadians will understand this, but the parts in which Bruno (Greg Calderone) is using his smartphone are totally riffs on the Rogers (telecom company) commercials he's been in for the last few years. Literally, Bruce McDonald has imbued those annoying Rogers kids with souls. I did struggle with the ending - it didn't strike me as the likeliest outcome - but what's been assembled here (possibly from two half-finished, abandoned, or "broken" works...?) is another gloriously messy film from one of Canada's best directors. How messy? McDonald shot it during Toronto's ridiculous public workers' strike of 2009, when parks became dumpsites out of necessity during one of the hottest recent summers. It felt important that this was committed to film; in fact, it felt important that a lot of what Toronto is was committed to film, here. A real surprise - I wasn't ready to like this movie, but it hit me right in the gut. It could be my hometown bias or the fact that I just turned 30 talking, though...

Ahmed J (ru) wrote: Damn. I knew I had A LOT to say before the movie ended. I obviously jumped to conclusions. Worth a watch, but the pacing was too slow for me and the subject matter is a little different than how I perceived it to be. Regardless, this is too overwhelming not to acknowledge.

aprilgie e (fr) wrote: i admit to my self that this kind of movie is very romantic!, should have to watch this,...

tash r (mx) wrote: 5 stars sound fantastic indeedo *****

David F (de) wrote: I'm surprised this isn't better know, it's an amazing satire on Hollywood, a brilliant postmodern film about making a film, and one of Woody Allen's wittiest and most vicious satires. So many jokes hit their mark it's incredible.

Private U (jp) wrote: This Baldwin cannot act!

Kate H (mx) wrote: Great story, very realistic view of contemporary American women from a "behind closed doors" perspective. Leaves you continually interested as to how the vignettes will intertwine.

David H (fr) wrote: Another great Sequel to the Children of the Corn Series that catches the Spirit of the Original and transplant it to the Town

alan h (jp) wrote: not as good as 1, but chu yan was there.

Deke P (jp) wrote: Finally saw, on tv, in 2017, 79 yrs after premiered in 1938, cuz i wanted to see a movie made well before i was born. Hepburn was herself, and young and beautiful. Cary Grant himself, and great. I was astonished to see him walk in a door, do a somerault and flip up, or kip up *?) onto his feet. I don't think it was a trick. Amazed he cd do something i've never seen. But the plot was a bit of a bore.Interesting tho, to see everyone in suits, and in church singing Christmas hymns.And Lew Ayers as the young drunk son.