No Way Back

No Way Back

When F.B.I. Agent Zack Grant's partner is killed during a blown-up operation, he attempts to find the person responsible. Mafiaso Frank Serlano believes Zack is responsible for his only sons death in the same operation and kidnaps Zacks son to hold as bait. The action gets wild when airline stewardess Mary is taken hostage to add what seems an another insurmountable problem for Zack. There appears to be No Way Out.

When F.B.I. Agent Zack Grant's partner is killed during a blown-up operation, he attempts to find the person responsible. Mafiaso Frank Serlano believes Zack is responsible for his only ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jeff N (es) wrote: It is a delight to see the great Bill Murray continuing to take on such different roles. While his portrayal of Vincent isn't much of a stretch comedically or even dramatically, it's a much braver choice than Groundhog Day 2, Scrooged 2, Stripes 2 and Ghostbusters 3. He genuinely looks like he's having fun and is quite natural playing the funny old guy who wants people to think he's a pain when really, he's quite the opposite. Melissa McCarthy finally plays a role that isn't an insult to her, and she's fantastic as the single mother of Oliver, the young boy who brings all of the main characters together and allows everyone to see Vincent for the good guy he actually is. Naomi Watts is almost disturbing as the hooker with a heart of, well, bronze maybe...I think gold might be a stretch. St. Vincent is precious. As an indie movie, it has its flaws, but is a precious film nonetheless.

Jillian L (it) wrote: This is a completely atypical coming of age story, since the protagonist is violently and swiftly forced out of her childhood. Saskia Rosendahl gives a compelling debut performance as Lore, as she constantly confronted with things she learned as a child being challenged and we see her start making her own opinions and decisions. The movie overall is simple, sparse. We only see what we need to. There is no exposition or filler, we just see their journey. As with most movies of this nature, it does drag a little bit, especially in the middle, but this is still a really interesting character study, as well as a look at a side of history we don't normally see.

Nicole H (au) wrote: In the day and age of CGI, there is absolutely NO NEED to horrendously torture animals. A little bit of research on this movie and I found out that 9 bulls were brutally killed for the making of this movie. No support (or money) for you!

Rayane E (au) wrote: A beautiful heartwarming movie

Monique Y (fr) wrote: Well, with Kevin Kline, Diane Keaton and an emptying nest in the formula, the result is a very believable, sensible and funny reflection on rebuilding, finding and defending relationships, all nicely bow tied by a survivor dog! Dont know why do I love movies about dogs and humans (yeah yeah since Lassie I must confess) when I wouldnt dare to have a dog myself... or should I consider it? nahhhhh... yeahhhh? ;-)

Rob B (mx) wrote: I am not a Keenan Maynard or I should say I never heard of him before I saw this movie. OK I am a baby boomer. I found this to be an interesting story on AZ wine making. Don't expect to see the second coming of "Sideways" but has enough variety to be interesting. In addition, if you like the Stronghold or Paige Cellars wine it takes you full circle.

Greg W (ca) wrote: [An] enjoyable if simplistic black comedy loosely based on a novel by Larry Beinhart.

George D (de) wrote: After a superficial and slow 1st twenty minutes, you are made to make due with an acceptable mild thriller. It references Watergate, but only ends up being "All The 'Vice' Presidents 'Gay' Men" and has you thinking of "Deep Throat" for all the wrong reasons. Not presidential in pedigree, except for Woody Harrelson's tightrope act of a performance. A thoroughly vice presidential level of a movie otherwise.

John E (jp) wrote: 6/10. Saw this for the third time on Blu Ray. I wanted to compare it to the regular DVD we own. Blu Ray was much better on our 50" plasma.

Bogi N (kr) wrote: I love this movie so much. It's not even really a movie, more like a taped dinner conversation of four people talking about religion, ghosts, relationships, sex. And the twist in the end is just genius, loooved it.

Dynasty J (jp) wrote: love it.. dis my favorite movie

Kenneth Y (de) wrote: Haneke is always GREAT!!! Amazing stuff again!!!

Kevin S (mx) wrote: SUMMARY: Two cops are teamed up to solve a murder at a Japanese corporation. Lt. Webb uses his toughness and John Conner who is also a specialist in Japanese culture uses his wit. REVIEW: In the long line of buddy cop movies I have never seen one like this. It's very different in a way I can't discribe. There's decent action and thrills to keep you interested plus it really keeps you guessing on who the real killer is with it's many twists and turns. One of the problems though is that it does get confusing and you may lose track at what is going on. I really liked Sean Connery in this movie. His wisdom and humor are what bring the entertainment to this movie. Both him and Wesley Snipes are a pretty decent duo and two big enough names to draw your attention to this buddy cop thriller.

Penny F (ag) wrote: Best German actor ever. Burst into tears again! My favourite of all the series... Mephisto and Ramussen also fantastic because of this fantastic actor.

Chloe C (fr) wrote: for a 1958 production, i'd say it was pretty stunning for its time... but fast forward 52 years... erhmm... zhang yi mou did a much better job in "Hero" - think ridiculous colour saturations in slow-mo... LOL

Jason N (fr) wrote: For this genre and time period in cinema. Predator is a perfect movie. Near perfect if you don't believe in perfection outside of test scores. The pacing, the one liners and the late 80's Arnold charm. A must watch for any film fan and should be regarding highly in the history of modern movies.

Paul D (br) wrote: In many ways this feels like a long television episode given it's the middle film in the series, and if you've invested time in the first part you're going to watch this anyway however invigorating the story is. It remains true to the style of the other films, but only gets interesting when the Dragon appears in the last hour of this movie.

Jamie C (nl) wrote: A buddy comedy film that has been done so many times before but the miss match cops work well together on set, We have Jackie Chan with the great action scenes and Chris Tucker for the comedy they make the old script work well that's funny and entertaining and worth watching.

Corey R (ca) wrote: Very unique tale of a futuristic life between two totally different lifestyles. Ray Liotta is banished from the high tech world to a poverty stricken land where he has to survive and help one community against their enemy.