No Way Out

No Way Out

The Biddle brothers, shot while robbing a gas station, are taken to the prison ward of the County Hospital; Ray Biddle, a rabid racist, wants no treatment from black resident Dr. Luther Brooks. When brother John dies while Luther tries to save him, Ray is certain it's murder and becomes obsessed with vengeance. But there are black racists around too, and the situation slides rapidly toward violence.

A black doctor is assigned to treat two racist White, robbery suspects who are brothers, and when one dies, it causes tension that could start a race riot. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sundeep B (gb) wrote: Good casting for roles. The movie is about Karthik and the mysteriouis phone calls he receives. After the climax is given away the rest movie is dull and boring. The director tries to make you wonder about the phone calls. It's worth one time watch.

Tim N (ru) wrote: A dull, boring, passably shot, convoluted, and misguided western film that misfires thanks to nearly wooden everything.

Private U (nl) wrote: Just saw a trailer. Looks great, need to see it. A New York crime drama set in the the Corean community!

Lee N (br) wrote: This film make me feel so uncomfortable while watching it. Its very rare for a film to do this. So its a rare gem in my books.

Jake W (nl) wrote: The story is decent, but there's a Disney feel to the whole thing. Aside from the leads, the acting isn't so great. What saves it is it's heart in portraying the true story.

Jayakrishnan R (es) wrote: 74%Saw this on 1/8/16Eastwood's own music gives this film a soul. It is not as good as Letters from Iwo Jima mostly becuase it is over patriotic and indulgent in war cliches. However, from time to time the film manages to connect emotionally.

James B (us) wrote: horrible film. the film had the cinematography, acting, and plot line of a soap opera. the only up side to the movie was the fight scenes, and even they were sub par. unless you have seen every other fighting movie on the planet, and are extremely bored, do not watch this movie. P.S. (spoiler alert) there was literally a point in the movie where he stands in the middle of 50-100 guys with machine guns, who are about 5-10 feet away, and somehow they never hit him with a bullet... i haven't seen such bad aim since star wars.

Ethan B (nl) wrote: I love movies that can't necessarily be classified by a single genre. Jerry Maguire isn't a chick flick, but it's not a sports film either. Nor is it a traditional comedy. It's possibly all three, but never just one. That's what makes it great. It appeals to both genders equally without alienating either of them.The title character is played by Tom Cruise in one of his best performances. He's a slimy sports agent who, one day, has an epiphany, realizing he no longer wants to sell lies to his clients, but real relationships. The only problem is he doesn't even know how to have a real relationship in his personal life. At work, he sends out a mission statement that lauds the idea of having less clients to improve quality. This sudden life-changing notion wins over the approval of his cohorts, but his high-level agency disapproves and fires him.Starting from the ground up, Jerry has nothing and no one to work with. The only people that follow him are a low-level employee, Dorothy (Renee Zellweger) and Arizona Cardinals wide receiver, Rod Tidwell (Cuba Gooding, Jr.). The chemistry between Cruise and both of his costars is natural that you can't imagine anyone else in those roles. You see him seamlessly transform over the course of the film, only taking notice of it in the end. Honestly, it's very much reminiscent of Pacino in the Godfather--only backwards.Jerry Maguire equally covers the depth of multiple characters brilliantly. The film not only goes inside the mind of a scuzzbag-turned-nice-guy, but of an athlete. Gooding plays a talented football player with a chip on his shoulder. He's not on his way out of the league, but he's no Jerry Rice either. He's on a middling NFL team and thinks he deserves a bigger paycheck than he gets. He knows he's good, but no one else sees it. The film brings very relatable themes to seemingly unrelatable people. There is more to the movie than demand for money. It's about friendship and knowing what's important in life amidst all the menagerie. Writer-director Cameron Crowe has a knack for storytelling--already evident by his previous work--but he outdoes himself with this one. Nothing is ever truly predictable, which is an impressive accomplishment considering the type of film. Never is there a dull moment, and the dialogue is so effortlessly perfect without ever feeling contrived. The sappy moments are never that, when any other writer would know no other way. It's a rom-com for the ages and may even be the pinpoint for redefining the genre.It has aged so well and is still a great watch to this day. Highly recommended for those of you who haven't seen it and are arguing with your other half about what to watch on movie night. I promise you'll both enjoy it.Twizard Rating: 100

Jia D (au) wrote: You are what you do. A man is defined by his actions; not by his memories. Oh yes!!

Casey T (de) wrote: Another movie Deborah Winger didn't did along with people in the cast.

Whit w (ag) wrote: This is a three story Made-For-TV anthology written by Richard Matheson and directed by Dan Curtis of "Kolchak: The Night Stalker" fame. You'd think with those industry credentials at it's disposal, "Dead of Night" would be a sure fire winner. But you'd be wrong. The three stories are pedestrian at best and more of the blame can be placed on Curtis than Matheson. It feels like the stories are good but the acting and direction are lacking. All of the stories are also cursed with that TV movie cheapness and have that late-70's softness to the camera work. It's a soft, filtered look. Kind of like what they use to try and make Barbara Walters not look as old as the hills when she's on camera these days.Anyway, none of the stories are scary in the least. The first is a melancholy time travel story. The second leads us to believe there's a vampire on the loose and the finale is a tale of resurrection by satanic ritual. It's fair to say the final shot of the movie shocks you and is unexpected but it's not frightening. It's a jump scare more than anything.Overall, this isn't worth watching unless you have a hankering for cheap 1970's Horror.

Geoff P (ag) wrote: A great, if a bit innaccurate, portrayal of the last months of General Gordon in the Mahdist revolt of the Sudan. The reactions of the thousands of extras to the supposed return of their hero is quite moving, and was completely unrehearsed.

Sampson S (ca) wrote: I want to have this movie's babies.

James H (us) wrote: Surprisingly refreshing comedy, great cast, funny jokes throughout. It can be a bit corny sometimes but it is forgivable. Susan St. James is particularly good. The cast seemed to enjoy making the film. Artie Shaw has some good one liners, but he is a bit much. Good fun.

Mohammed A (fr) wrote: It's good movie to watch

Paul G (gb) wrote: If Quentin Tarantino says it's good, I definitley want to see that movie.

Husnan C (de) wrote: It started off interesting, but slowly just becomes boring Mary E. does a great job and is a standout. This could have been great, but the plot with its subplots just did not workout well by the end.