Noble Things

Noble Things

Jimmy Wayne Collins finds himself adrift in Memphis, Tennessee. Forced to return home to the piney woods of Southeast Texas, Jimmy will face his imprisoned brother, his dying father and the demons he left behind.

Jimmy Wayne Collins finds himself adrift in Memphis, Tennessee. Forced to return home to the piney woods of Southeast Texas, Jimmy will face his imprisoned brother, his dying father and the demons he left behind. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Robert H (ru) wrote: This amounts to nothing more than a blatant rip off of Nightmare on Elm Street. While the killer doesn't exactly attack you in your sleep, he is a phantom. Tto go into further detail would be too much of a spoiler.That being said... I love the Nightmare on Elm Street franchise and so I did take some enjoyment from this film.The Morgan Spurlock cameo was completely unexpected and very funny as he plays the manager at a fast food burger joint.Not really something I'd recommend to most people but if you love cheesy low budget slasher flicks, you could do a lot worse than Drive Thru.

Matt B (ru) wrote: Unlike most zombie movies, George A. Romero develops the flesh-eaters as real characters in Land of the Dead. It's a fun, stylish, and not to mention GORY addition to the genre.

Shannon C (us) wrote: been ages since i've seen it but from memory this film was great! up there with Pi

Reese J (us) wrote: Bad script, really bad acting, I suffered through this movie so you don't have to.

Hershal W (es) wrote: This movie shouldn't work. It's got a by-the-books typical teen outcast in high school plot: big fat kid in love with a girl he can never have, big fat kid's nerdier best buddy, star quarterback who hates the fat kid and doesn't appreciate the girl, clueless cheerleader with a secret she doesn't want anyone to know. But despite all that, it succeeds in telling its small, familiar tale. The lead Charlie Talbert, in his first acting role, is engaging and smart and charming. A quick review of his IMDB profile shows this was probably his finest work. His best buddy Chris Owen, the geeky big eared redhead, went onto similar roles, most notably in the American Pie franchise. He's also the grocery store clerk that gets pulled out by the tentacles in 'The Mist'. You'll recognize him. As you will the quarterback and our hero's erstwhile love, the cheerleader, portrayed respectively by James Van Der Beek (who found fame as Dawson and for that thing he did in 'The Rules of Attraction) and Ariana Richards, who would later be terrorized by cloned raptors in Jurassic Park. General Patton himself, George C Scott, has a small role as Angus' grandfather and the always lively Kathy Bates (who I saw way too much of in 'About Schmidt') rounds out the cast as his mother. Neither as smart as The John Hughes Triumverate of the 80's (Ferris, Breakfast Club, Sixteen Candles) or as moving as the classic Corey Haim vehicle, 'Lucas', this is a movie that nevertheless deserves to be more known. It's only available on DVD through the Warner Archives but it is presently streaming on Netflix Instant. You can find far worse ways to spend your time then to throw on this pleasant 90 minute diversion. On a final note, the soundtrack is littered with 90's bands that have since and gratefully faded into obscurity. Besides some throw away tracks from Weezer and Green Day, the one notable exception to that is a rousing rendition of Love Spit Love's 'Am I Wrong' that opens the film. Accompanied by a high school marching band at the halftime show of the football game where the action begins, it really is effective at setting the tone of the flick. Who is Love Spit Love you might ask? I don't know. They're the band plays that song in 'Angus' that I like so much. Weren't you paying attention?

Alexander Z (fr) wrote: Wow. This is one heavy film. Unlike every other Spike Lee film I've seen, it's also extremely thoughtful and does not divide people along racial lines, instead choosing to examine the men and women behind the skin. It's also one of the most accurate portrayals of inner city life I've seen.

Cathlene B (br) wrote: James Cromwell bowled us over when he shot Kevin Spacey in LAConfidential and he doesn't get a lot of leading roles. In this movie, he shines as the husband of Genevive Bujold. The supporting cast is excellent. A favorite of mine is Campbell Scott as the lawyer.

Max G (fr) wrote: This is the best horror movie I have ever seen. It keeps you on the edge of your seat for the entire runtime. But what I liked about this movie the most was its interpretation of grief. Not everyone who sees this film will pick up on it many will see it as a straight up monster movie and will be horribly disappointed. But the people who understands the movies second meaning will enjoy it as much as I did I guarantee it.