A cold-blooded killer gets caught up in a surreal game of death in this neo-noir thriller starring Costas Mandylor. The winter winds are whipping outside when the unremorseful assassin dispatches with his latest target. But this time something goes wrong. Time begins to fold in on itself when a shadowy assailant strikes out from the darkness, turning hunter into prey in the span of seconds. The mysterious pursuer seems to anticipate the killer's every move, and as events begin to repeat themselves nobody is who they seem. A sudden stranger to his friends and associates, the killer begins to question his sanity after fresh wounds vanish from his flesh without a trace. When an unexpected telephone call reveals that his intended target is still alive, he is forced to relive his actions time and again while speeding ever closer toward a confrontation with the one adversary who could bring about his downfall.

A nameless assassin is hunted through the dark streets of an empty city, pursued by the mysterious man he had just killed... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Nobody torrent reviews

Steve L (kr) wrote: It was meh... film They tried harder than the 4th one

Kennedy T (ca) wrote: Not even scary the only thing that was scary in this movie was the story telling stupid don't see

Rahima D (br) wrote: Too slow and the story is deja vu...

Lois G (ru) wrote: This is my latest most best movie that I like. I wish I could get a DVD. I wouldwatch it over and over.

FilmGrinder S (kr) wrote: "If you don't play, you'll never take home the big prize."-Kenna (Collen Porch)

Louis C (fr) wrote: After the 6th try, finally finished it

Dhary A (br) wrote: i think this is one of the best true love stories ever, even if it came to late. respect qustuioning your heart and chose the right one

bill s (br) wrote: Campy,cheesey but surprisingly good horror popcorn flick with a very good performance by Henriksen.

Alex S (jp) wrote: A cute musical! Judy Garland has got such a strong voice, and Gene Kelly is equal parts charm and talent.

Johannes J (jp) wrote: Outstanding film noir. Highly recommended.

Rafael U (ca) wrote: When I see Cary Grant I think: " He can act any character" and when I see a Howard Hawks's movie I think: "He can direct whatever he want".

Luke M (ca) wrote: Demolition Man is one of those films you hope the actors - top of their game Stallone, Snipes and Bullock - had as much fun making it as we did watching it.

Stephanie C (it) wrote: Nothing was happening !!