Nobody Gets Out Alive

Nobody Gets Out Alive

A group of college students escape their troubled lives but only to find themselves fighting for their lives from a revenge seeking mad man.

A group of college students escape their troubled lives but only to find themselves fighting for their lives from a revenge seeking mad man. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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PY C (es) wrote: I cannot get over how gorgeous Indiana Evans is. And this is such a sweet movie, the main characters match each other so well.

Zach C (ag) wrote: The left always has shows and movies trying to make fun of conservatives then when a funny movie like this is made all the liberals cry.

Allan C (nl) wrote: Nothing all that original, but a competently made horror film which is more than you often get. The story is pretty simple. There is a blackout at an insane asylum and the inmates take over the asylum. The film then primarily follows a cook at the asylum who is trapped inside. The film is pretty slow to get going, but once the insanity breaks loose, it does have some effectively creepy moments and definitely delivers the gore (if that's your sort of thing). The wild insanity was unfortunately too short lived and didn't last as long as I'd hoped. Still, it's a slid horror flick. I think I was somewhat more interested in the film because it had a French director and there have been so many memorable horror films to come out of France the last few years; "Martyrs," "Frontier(s)," or "High Tension" to name a few. This film is far from those levels of horror greatness, but it's worth certainly worth watching for horror fans.

Mike M (it) wrote: Probably going to be too diffuse for newcomers: it has itself to exile the audience to a cold, dark place, and while we're there, Trapero struggles to make fully involving the business of runway maintenance. Seen in the context of the director's other work, however, "Born and Bred" begins to make a particular kind of sense.

Vanessa H (ru) wrote: i thought it was soo cute! love it

Richard F (it) wrote: Slow but good acting performances

MF J (br) wrote: Loved this film! Great story, good direction & excellent cast! The scenery is gogeous and the sets pretty incredible! A good film.

Kyle B (de) wrote: At long last, I finally got to experience seeing "The Dark Backward." I was anticipating the worst movie ever made. I was wrong. Don't get me wrong, it's still bad, but in a very entertaining way. Judd Nelson basically plays Crispin Glover, and Bill Paxton plays a maniacal accordion player. Wayne Newton and Lara Flynn Boyle join the fun, as does James Caan. How they convinced Caan to be in the movie is a real mystery. It's dirty, at times disturbing, and just plain weird, but Paxton honestly makes the movie worth watching.

Douglas L (de) wrote: One I watched as a young child, was nice to see it again as a grown up, as I only really remembered the first half of the movie. Its a nice, family film with a few good laughs and its charm.

James H (jp) wrote: Super low budget sci-fi flick, one of those it is so bad it is entertaining kind of movies. In its defense though, it has a reasonably original plot. (Planting alien babies inside humans..that plot has been borrowed often.) The acting isn't bad.

Peter P (mx) wrote: Well filmed submarine drama that has a great cast and decent action, although it just seemed to lack any real tension during the scenes where the sub was trying to evade detection, and thus it seemed to make it a little less intense then it should have been.

Ted W (de) wrote: Some reviews I read of this criticized Arthur Kennedy as Vern, but I found him compelling. I won't give away the story, but he reminded me of Glenn Ford in the Big Heat. Marlene was awesome as always. Mel Ferrer was wooden and uninteresting, only slightly less annoying than the theme song. Had Stubby & Nat been around to sing this one it might have been better.

Maria F (de) wrote: I want to say that I loved this movie, and for the most part I did. However, I felt like this movie, in its ending, took the easy way out. Rather than repair their marriage, a huge band-aid in the form of another child was pushed upon them giving them no chance to really help them understand what a MARRIAGE was truly about. Its a shame really because other than that, the casting and acting was just superb.

Leonard D (au) wrote: This movie wasn't bad.