Nobody Knows My Name

Nobody Knows My Name

1972, George Brown, a wrongfully imprisoned fugitive and black panther sympathizer, together with 4 other accomplices, hijacked a flight from USA to Algeria to join the black panthers in ...

1972, George Brown, a wrongfully imprisoned fugitive and black panther sympathizer, together with 4 other accomplices, hijacked a flight from USA to Algeria to join the black panthers in ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Dusty L (kr) wrote: 25% on my Tomatometer.

Sarah P (kr) wrote: This was an enjoyable watch (for a movie about pandemics), though it was very clearly made for T.V. and doesn't really stand out as a film. Thiessen's character was very one-dimensional and the story itself didn't have much depth.

Emily M (es) wrote: Loved it. Loved it. So sweet.

add me at yahoo IM i (us) wrote: These boys are funny, too much of them will wear you out but they still are a funny 4

dan b (it) wrote: Good cast but it can't escape that "made for tv" feel, but if you're a Kelsey Grammer fan or have some time to waste it's not so bad.

Toccara P (ag) wrote: Dis is one of my most favorite movie

Chris Q (au) wrote: So awesome, I loved it.

Juli N (fr) wrote: Nicholas Hope astounded me with a gripping performance that kept me glued the more and more he became unglued!

William T (ru) wrote: Despite its cheesy ending, this mystery movie tends to rival Hitchcock's best work with brilliant performances from Branagh, Jacobi and Thompson.

Ollie W (jp) wrote: A well-made, smooth-as-butter, jazz-scored morality tale. Lessons are learned, people get burned and a whole lot of Trumpets get involved. Not a spectacular Lee film by any stretch of the imagination, but an arresting effort at least.

Mike L (gb) wrote: As a guy it's all about Sherilyn Fenn and the carpet does not match the drapes. A fantastic visual to go along with her incredible body. Its a very erotic movie made more unusual by having Burl Ives in it, yes the Snowman from Rudolph. There is not much story just lots of sex scenes and Fenn doing lots of crying. Still a memorable if unimportant movie.

Shaun B (br) wrote: B-movie trash teen romp spoof that tries a bit too hard to be a cult hit but it also has its fair share of laughs and WTF? moments. Think Animal House dumbed down meeting up with a slightly watered-down but equally offensive John Waters protegee sexing it up with some gross out David Cronenberg fetishes concerning the flesh and a monster and you have this Lloyd Kaufman/Michael Herz....thing. It's B-movie trash that feels like a Z-movie shitfest but somehow it's endearing to see at least one time while under the influence of your favorite vice.

Brian S (mx) wrote: something for everyone in this movie--song, dance, opera, comedy, dramatic pantomime...unfortunately everything doesn't always appeal to everyone, myself included. certain numbers were awesome--Red Skelton, Fanny Brice, Gene & Fred, the Verdi song/dance...but others were just pretty boring. maybe in the context of an actual plot they would have been good, but as stand-alones they just didn't cut it for me. overall an entertaining, well-made film, i just didn't love every minute of it.

Leon B (jp) wrote: Review:I really enjoyed this comedy about a small village who needs a doctor to build a factory so the residents can get jobs. After a cricketer/doctor gets caught at customs with cocaine, he gets bribed to become the village doctor but the village have to try there hardest to convince the doctor to stay. The storyline was very well written and you can't help but laugh at the extents that the village goes to, to convince the doctor that there place is the best place in the world. There's a great mixture of characters which keep the movie interesting and the chemistry in the whole community was a joy to watch. The storyline does go a bit far in places, but that's what made it amusing from beginning to end. Its a light hearted comedy which has a deep moral to the story and you can't help but feel for the village who really pull together to save there community. Enjoyable!Round-Up:I'm really becoming a fan of Brendan Gleeson who has done some big films in his career, like Gangs Of New York, Troy and Edge Of Tomorrow, but he still sticks to his roots by doing small budget films like Calvary, The Guard and this movie, which he was great in. Taylor Kitsch hasn't had such a great career, especially after starring as the main character in the awful John Carter and Battleship was also not that great, but I did like him in Savages. Hopefully he will do a good job of the new True Detecive series but he does have a hard act to follow from Woody Harrelson and Matthew McConaughey. As for this film, the director done a great job with the storyline and the authenticity was spot on.Budget: $12.7millionWorldwide Gross: $4millionI recommend this movie to people who are into their light hearted comedies about a small town who needs a doctor so they can build a factory which will supply them with jobs. 6/10

Anders B (mx) wrote: Fantastic and charming film that actually has some interesting things to say about memory and how we make meaning out of life.