Nobody Lives Forever

Nobody Lives Forever

A con artist falls for the rich widow he's trying to fleece.

Ex-GI Nick Blake gets involved in a scheme to fleece a rich young widow, but finds himself falling for her for real, much to the displeasure of his racketeer cohorts. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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RJ W (it) wrote: southern efficiency = slow movie with no payoff

Freddy H (de) wrote: Calvin Broadus goes on a pilgrimage to Jamaica, what do you think is going to happen? You got it, a inordinate amount of of smoking. I commend the earnest crusade to reinvent yourself as a artist and Snoop does manage to lay down some acceptable reggae tracks with Diplo but most of this reel is too insistent on getting Snoop Lion high.

Mick M (au) wrote: Some of the worst screen writing I have ever seen in a movie. How this movie got financed, shot and produced I will never know.

Edgar J L (de) wrote: RZA turns every martial arts movie to a horrible joke. This guy has no respect for the art.

Ania R (br) wrote: I sometimes wonder why I start watching a movie that I know is bad and I watch it till the end. Another pointless 'horror'.

Joel A (us) wrote: An interesting but bias documentary on the Palestine struggle to maintain the Gaza Strip & the many lives daily that are lost.It's a difficult life if you grow up on their side of the tracks but it seems to be a war that neither are winning.Filled with some interesting interviews with Palestine Locals sharing their daily struggles. It's nice to see a film challenging the Jewish approach to Gaza.

Francisco S (ca) wrote: Funny, well acted and interesting narrative, however with a lot of cliches, predictable plot, no original teen story.

Carlos I (mx) wrote: Fantastic family fun. Pixar at their best. Good for the kids and parents, without just throwing a bunch of obnoxious nostalgic references.

Kevin B (au) wrote: I would love to say that the pros and cons (there are many of both) cancel each other out and leave us with a respectably average movie. But alas, they do not. Bruiser is a mess of a film. Our protagonist is an unlikable and one-dimensional sadsack. The "high-concept" plot ultimately fails on both a cerebral and an emotional level. The acting is mostly bad and the few good performances, such as Peter Stormare's, are hampered by amateurish dialogue and sloppy direction. Even the violence seems subdued and lazy.Its not all bad though. It is after all a movie directed by George Romero and many of his trademark touches are present. Just like in his "Dead" films Romero demonstrates an ability to look into our mundane routines and find those dangerous and disturbing aspects of our lives that we like to keep hidden. This could've been a really good movie. It just makes me sad that it wasn't.

Caleb M (au) wrote: A sardonic neo-noir shot in bright and alarming shades of pastels by Tak Fujimoto, back when Fujimoto??s pictures stood apart and drew you in. Miami Blues stands out as a unique deconstruction of the type of romance typical of a noir: Jennifer Jason Leigh??s infinitely nave and forgiving ??Susie?? is too busy making her man dinner to be a conniving femme fatale, but it is Alec Baldwin??s relationship with her that leads to his?? ??Jr??s?? demise. Filled with scenes that blur the line between darkly funny and unnerving, the film runs along in a blur following Jr. as he steals his way from place to place after murdering a Hari Krishna getting of LAX. Fred Ward??s police Sgt. Mosley is on the case, and Jr. is a potential witness. After a hairy dinner/interrogation, Jr. robs Mosley, stealing not only his gun and badge, but his false teeth as well. As Jr. goes about Miami, robbing people blind and even making a few arrests, Mosley desperately tries to pull his LAX case together. Meanwhile, the love and openness offered to Jr. by Susie and Jr??s own desires for her lead him to let his guard down, just as Mosley has put together the pieces.Miami Blues is a terrific picture. It never lets up; with a script that goes places you??ve never seen before and isn??t afraid to throw you into a disconcerting haze; colors and lighting that bring out a unique style that suits the mise en scene perfectly; and performances that are so good because they??re so fun. Baldwin and Ward must have had a blast being these characters, and their characters enjoy being themselves. Miami Blues also stands alongside such unique neo-noirs as Zero Effect (1998) and Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (2005), for it??s uncanny dreamlike undercurrent, and both Freeway and Bound (both 1996) in its depiction of aggressive and stylish violence and cunning.Also, a film well worth revisiting. I know my opinion and understanding have certainly changed since my first viewing.

Lee C (nl) wrote: Dylan McDermott and Snoop?

Lee M (us) wrote: "Funny Lady" is a big, messy flop of a movie that's almost cruel in the way it invites our memories of "Funny Girl" and doesn't match them.

Jack G (us) wrote: Fonda is the reason to see this, in a performance - and a character - that is confident, dynamic, occasionally frightened, occasionally VERY sexy, volatile, and gives a lot in those psychology sessions that are basically to the camera/us. Sutherland is very good as well, though he has the trickier role as he has to downplay everything as the straightforward cop. The final monologue is gripping and intense from the villain, and yet it's one of those handful of villain monologues that really not just hold up over time, but show up so many others in its wake. It's terrifying in how simple the actor speaks the words and Fonda listens. Cool 70's period as well. I wish the plot were just a little stronger, but as a film that relies on its characters it fares quite well.And Roy Scheider as a pimp. Chief Brody as a pimp. Need I say more? 3 1/2-outta-4 hair-dos

Judi C (es) wrote: Wow, one of my most memorable movies when I was very young. After watching this on late-night TV after sneaking out of bed, I started wearing my hair, dressing and even carried a skinny cigar around - just like Anne Bancroft. She was strong, sarcastic and brave. Loved her forever after that. Glad to find this here.

John Y (ca) wrote: The funniest baseball movie ever made.

Ryan C (nl) wrote: "Summer of Sam" has it's gruesome and thrilling murder sequences, but it gets lost in a terrible narrative with unlikeable characters that goes from being a soap opera to a soft-core porno and for the most part, ignores its most interesting and compelling character, the Son of Sam.

David T (br) wrote: This movie had beautiful visuals and a story full of holes, contradictions and nonsense twists. I really hope the source material was better and was simply butchered for the movie. I was able to enjoy it simply for the amazing graphics until the end when my eyes rolled so hard they busted out the back of my head...I'm blind now.