Nobody's Baby

Nobody's Baby

Two not so bright small time crooks end up with a baby girl by "accident" and find a change in their lives. Billy (Ulrich) becomes the guy to take care of the child and look after it. Buford (Oldman) wants to get rid of it, but the others they knit with are for doing the best they can. They conspire to rob a pawn shop to get the necessary money, only to end up heroes for stopping a heist already in play.

An outlaw, a waitress and her misfit neighbor come upon a baby in the midst of car wreckage. With his former partner in crime out to get him, the outlaw and his new friends put their lives on the line to protect the infant from danger. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Peter Z (gb) wrote: Worth seeing. The song and dance numbers are fantastic. The plot sucks even those who do not enjoy Bollywood in.

Donnie D (de) wrote: Bad doesn't even begin to describe the acting, plot, direction, and topless, flat-chested women that wasted an hour and some odd minutes of my time ....

HungYa L (ru) wrote: It's my first Yamada film and the first one I saw of his Samurai Trilogy. I love it so much and one can certainly take it in slowly. It teaches one the fact that even an ordinary person, as the low-rank samurai in the film, can own utmost dignity and stay triumphant when it comes to setbacks.

Dashtag M (ag) wrote: A smart and creative comedy even if it starts out slow.

Philip O (br) wrote: Harsh, biting, and deliciously funny. It's not Lewis's best (much of the same material is performed better on the "Carnegie Hall" recordings), but it's still very good.

Leonidas D (au) wrote: Interesting but boring, yet meaningful. Amazing how they did it themselves though.

Coop L (nl) wrote: Definately in my All Time Top 5. about a lonely boy and his strange existence amongst the gothic and grotesque pastures of 50s rural Idaho; strange days, strange ways. The film has a bubbling surreal style to it which might remind people of David Lynch, but lets admit it janknoggs, comparing Lynch and Philip Ridley is like comparing Hendrix and Jim Morrison, you can't even begin to do it. Anyways, this flick is extremely hard to find, but worth the search. You may have to watch it on VHS unless you order the dvd from like germany or japan or some shit. This is one of those great great great films seems will never get all the recognition it deserves, or even a legitimate US release.

Heist (nl) wrote: That's right. I watched and rated Legend of the Overfiend. It's actually semi-decent, stupid tentacle rape notwithstanding.

Alec B (jp) wrote: Its surprising. It was made before Philadelphia, focuses on characters that are almost entirely gay men, it covers the entirety of the 1980s, offers a very honest portrait of the AIDS crisis, is a better movie, but Philadelphia is heralded as the definitive film about this subject. This film may move a little too fast but it isn't cheesy or award hungry like Philadelphia. It has a great cast and its well made. Deserves way more attention than it gets.

Angelica W (gb) wrote: i am left wondering "what the heck did i just watch?!" lol pretty funny though. absolutely ridiculous and makes no sense but im pretty sure thats they knew that when making it.

Jackson S (ru) wrote: Robert Blake was outstanding in this.

Stafford V (it) wrote: An almost flawless documentary.

Paul D (ca) wrote: Europeans in the wild west, an attempt to breath some new blood into an exhausted genre, it doesn't quite hold together, but there are enough big names to warrant a look.

Mario C (ru) wrote: This film got me into the Zombie genre

Cesar D (de) wrote: Always dazzling me Spielbierg, always.