Nobody's Fool

Nobody's Fool

Cassie has a miserable job in a bar, is lonely and depressed. Her boyfriend left her when she told him that she's pregnant. After several failed suicide attempts she'd given away her baby for adoption - and regrets it now. When a theater group from L.A. comes to the small town Buckeye, she meets stage technician Riley. Discreetly he starts wooing her... she likes him very much, but still has feelings for her former boyfriend Billy too.

Cassie has a miserable job in a bar, is lonely and depressed. Her boyfriend left her when she told him that she's pregnant. After several failed suicide attempts she'd given away her baby ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Candace B (nl) wrote: Great use of animation. The footage at the end is the most important part of the movie.

Sydney A (nl) wrote: Definately reccomend that you go see this. It's the kind of movie that will quietly make its way around certain circles and suddenly emerge one day as a cult hit. The acting is smooth and reassuring throughout - no hint of amateur theatrics here. The young boy who plays Martin is fantastic, but I can only seem to find him named as Joseph and no more. But a round of applause to him, nevertheless. The story is thoroughly enjoyable and has some great comedic moments thrown in (which are especially funny if you get in in jokes for the geeks out there). And elements of it were very Pegg-esque, as the EIFF brochure suggested. They were right on the money with their hint of Python as well... I half expected the Killer Rabbit of Caerbannog to appear for a cameo.But the basic plot isnt that original...its true. But who goes to the cinema soley for originality? However, I do think that the start of the film was far stronger than the end. Although I cant easily think of things to change to make it better. I'm still gonna buy it when it comes out on dvd.

Niklas J (de) wrote: A horrible, horrible bad movie. Many of the main scenes seems more like a joke than a try at a series movie. The only good thing in this movie is the very interesting construction of the inside of the temple but alas this is clouded in darkness.

Jim A (mx) wrote: North is one of the ugliest movie to ever have the nerve to call itself a family picture. A racist and nasty picture with some of the worst values ever. Its jokes are horribly unfunny and incredibly mean spirited and its message that its Ok to leave your parents over the slightest imperfection vile. Showing this to children is borderline child abuse

Stephen H (nl) wrote: One long con, but even if the "Ocean's 11" fans can guess what's happening, it's the corruption that gives it the grit. Crouse is particularly frigid but that's her character.

Byron B (ca) wrote: want to see this because it won best foreign-language film with the LAFC

Michael W (nl) wrote: Chuck Norris' near decade-long run at the top came to a screeching halt with this one and ushered in the Seagal/Van Damme era. A pairing of Norris and Gossett Jr should be a slam-dunk but Norris simply has no comedic timing or delivery and the lead actress is weak.

Eduardo C (es) wrote: Jim Carrey no comeo! Muito bom!!!

Paul J (fr) wrote: Michelangelo's most dreadful mistake. A horrible experiment with video. Poor Monica Vitti.

vipul g (ag) wrote: The untouchable police Man

Greg W (ag) wrote: like casablanca from the same year a perfect WWII pic

Adna A (au) wrote: Not my favorite but certainly a watchable movie. I was watching this today and then by the end I realized that I already saw it. The message of the movie is that media can control the masses, and that the people with ulterior motives always show their true faces.

David W (ag) wrote: A very average Stephen King film

Ana G (nl) wrote: arf... comment dire... un gros remake de tout un tas de films d'horreur... mais des acteurs tellement nuls... vraiment si vous avez rien d'autre voir !

Adam R (de) wrote: A weak thriller that is just as likely to put you to sleep as it is to keep your attention. It's already been forgotten. (First and only viewing - 7/17/2015)

David G (es) wrote: There's so much depth and emotional value that's so strong and well written that you feel emotionally connected to each character. Spike Jonze grabs what Sendeck did in his book, and expands the plot into a deeper thought and further explanation into the main character then the book itself. There's also psychological thought in this movie with the character relating to Max and it's charming, sweet and beautiful.

Dustin N (ca) wrote: you look at the back of people's heads while they are walking. Then at the end something finally happens.