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Nobody's Wife is the best new movie of María Luisa Bemberg. The released year of this movie is 1982. There are many actors in this movie torrents, for example Gabriela Acher, Luisina Brando, Berugo Carambula, Lidia Catalano, Julio Chávez, Villanueva Cosse, María Ibarreta, Mariángeles, Susú Pecoraro, Rodolfo Ranni, Guillermo Rico, Damián Urquino, China Zorrilla. Movie' genres are Drama. Many people rated for this movie, Rate is 7.2 in This is really a good movie to watch. The runtime of this movie are awesome, about 90 minutes. Fakyougo is interesting uploader, he is very lovely. You should spend more time to watch this movie. If we must use one word to describe about this movies torrent, I think it should be 'Crazy', so what is your thought. Do you know what are visitors? ShinichiKuto is the best. I can't push my iPad screen. Share this movies torrent to support us . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki

With more fear than conviction, leaving the house, leaving little signs with instructions for their march and trust their children to the care of her husband. Leonor emotionally feels betrayed and realizes that his world, based on a lie, has collapsed like a house of cards. One day, circumstantially, discovers her husband is cheating. Deeply loves her husband and does not question the reciprocity of love and fidelity. It is the story of Eleanor, a good housewife who lives with her husband, Fernando, and their two children

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Users reviews

Arii A (fr)

It's recommended to the person who would like to feel refreshing. That was refreshing. A main character is settling a problem by scientific knowledge. There is a lot of development because the show is long. Typical Bollywood. But?Slightly too optimistic. It is positive brightly?movie

bill s (ag)

Nice Sci-fi action and visuals that gets a little slow at the end but decent one timer

Bryan C (ca)

ade: B. But this over Saving Private Ryan? Come on. **Looks at nominees from 1999** Wow, not a very deep field. That said, I can't believe this won Best Picture. And I can appreciate the quality of the movie. This is a perfectly pleasant movie with some witty, clever moments

JuS B (mx)

the movie is just a little boring but most of it is really good and interesting, besides murphy was amazing

Mathieu M (it)

Live Life. Go out the Door. Get up from your Computer. Take a Risk

Reece L (nl)

While not without minor imperfections, as a whole it's a more than worthy addition to Lynch's bizarre repertoire of sex, violence, and psychological surrealism. A neo-noir re-telling of a guilty man's redemptive fantasies, Lost Highway is fitfully brilliant, intentionally opaque, and narratively ambitious in the best of ways

Robert B (au)

*. Was his goal there to provide a rationale for the bad guys' actions? To make the movie into more of a mystery than a thriller? To pad a script that wasn't quite long enough for the producers? We will never know, and to be honest, by the time that last bit of silliness had ended, despite the strength of the film's first half, I no longer cared enough to wonder about it for too long. Huddles seems unconvinced that he has painted his characters in broad enough strokes to show us who the good guys are and who the bad guys are, so he throws in two related twists at the end that entirely hamstring everything he's tried to do up to that point. But the real failure lies in the final twenty or so minutes of the film. Any teacher worth his salt would have failed the students involved immediately for descending into chaos and violence when forced with a choice that is, ultimately, as minor as that one was. Zimit's entire purpose in playing this game is to expose the students to the practical applications of philosophy, one aspect of which, traditionally, has been the rational analysis of moral ambiguity. Even if you agree that the choice is a correct one-and I will argue that to the ends of the earth with you, if you like-it fails the internal consistency check. Very little here in the way or moral ambiguity. , that Huddles wants us to believe that choice-to cling to modern society's moral code on pain of death-is the right choice, and that the proposition of a new morality (coming from an ogre, basically) is the wrong one. At least one character voices the kind of knee-jerk resistance to the idea in such a way, given the word choice, the background music, etc. We just get, in the second iteration of this game, ten survivors who cling, as closely as possible, to the morality of today's society, and when one of the survivors throws a wrench into the works, noting that a quirk in the way things are going necessitates the formulation of a new morality, everything goes off the rails, leading to the utter destruction of that iteration. ?" But if all that did occur, we don't see many signs of it. . . "What would you do in this situation. There may have been other forces at work there, he may have done all kinds of research and interviewed hundreds of people. I will admit right off that the first thing that rubbed me the wrong way about this film may not have been the fault of Huddles' script (he wrote as well as directed). Proceed with caution as necessary. NOTE: the following paragraphs contain at least one minor spoiler regarding the setup of the film (I assume it was meant to be a twist). )And then everything goes to hell in a handbasket. . . (All those nights we spent in college drinking massive quantities of alcohol and arguing about the world's problems as if we actually had a chance of solving them. Would they really experience these existential crises that deeply? Yes, I believe they would, given their age and advanced mental ability. It is perfectly believable that they would be able to immerse themselves so deeply into the game as to be able to visualize the scenes the way Huddles portrays them to us, as if they were actually happening, and to be able to take on the characters as deeply as they do. Given a random distribution of talents (the students pick slips of paper from a box describing their professions), an exercise in pragmatism: who gets to go into the bunker? Who lives and who dies?The execution starts off feeling somewhat cheesy, but is eventually absorbing; this is a mindgame, but it is a mindgame being played by the smartest guys in the room. A nuclear disaster has occurred, and they are within range of a bunker that can sustain ten people for one year, enough time for the radiation level on the planet to subside enough for it to become habitable again. There are twenty students in the class, and Zimit makes twenty-one. It's the last day of his class' senior year, and he's not going to let them go without one last exercise. Zimit (Exorcist: The Beginning's James D'Arcy) is a philosophy teacher at an Indonesian school containing some of the world's best and brightest students. After the Dark (John Huddles, 2013)After the Dark (also released under the title The Philosophers), John Huddles' first film in a decade and a half, starts out with an intriguing, sobering, and rather terrifying premise

Thomas P (br)

Better than you'd think it will be

Tina M (au)

It's addictively creepy! I wish they made a second movie. For example, you'll have a view point from her phone, computer, TV, pretty much any electronic device that can be hacked is a view point. You really get the full experience of how the hacker stalks and invades Emma's (Ashley Benson) personal space because throughout the movies there are many different view points. I really enjoyed watching Ratter

Tony L (it)

Good B movie. This movie isnt meant to blow you away, but it's not bad at all