Noche de tormenta

Noche de tormenta


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:86 minutes
  • Release:1955
  • Language:
  • Reference:Imdb
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Noche de tormenta torrent reviews

Debi S (gb) wrote: This is one of the deepest emotional movies I have watched in a long time. It is heart wrenching and yet at the same time warming in friendships and love of each other as flawed humans. It has a beginning middle and end and ties each piece of the movie together so well.

Bel S (nl) wrote: The Child's Play franchise, I must admit is very flawed (mostly due to elements from Bride and Seed of Chucky) but, with this comeback, It's definitely worth the watch. This movie gives a sense of the back story/ roots. I'd say that if Don Mancini and the crew finally make a great and horrifying film with "Child's Play" vibes into it, The franchise will have redeemed itself. My overall thought for this movie is that it is a great set up for the next movie. It's like the bones of a good film to come.

Mike B (jp) wrote: One can't help wonder to what extent this caricature of American excess is actually a contrived parody. Or maybe the thought itself is rooted in that other American institution: optimism.

Chirag N (ca) wrote: A Pretty Decent Movie

Arash B (ag) wrote: "They say that the truth can set you free, that's a lie. The truth is lies can protect us. Lies keep us safe from the truth."

Jef C (gb) wrote: If you share the cynicism pervading the comments made by many of the "tomatometer" critics who reviewed this movie, move along. You'll be disappointed. If, however, you appreciate heartfelt kindness, look for grand possibilities where they are not commonly expected, and are brave enough to cry in front of others, this film should delight you.

Erica B (mx) wrote: Interesting to look back at the 90s.

Adam J (br) wrote: Decent by-the-book racing movie with likable characters and 90s charm.

Shaun T (kr) wrote: I loved this in 1989 and love it even more in 2014 for different reasons. Diane Wiest totally steals the show as the single mom with the wayward teens. An American classic and one of Opie's very best.

bill s (us) wrote: A somewhat fun little popcorn comedy.

Ryan V (de) wrote: Man, Bela Lugosi was really slumming it at the end of his life. Bela vs. an "octopus" is the height of filmmaking in this movie that showcases every bit of atrocious movie-making that director Ed Wood is so renowned for.

Pia R (de) wrote: Some truly funny lines here, it has got its ups and downs but generally a decent film to watch and smileeeeeeee

Levi B (mx) wrote: Great action and humour. A good mix of two. Even though it's not Oscar worthy, it's still a great action and adventure film. Suspense, violence, humour, and a good time. It should have received better reviews and box office results than it did. A great film.