Nocturna Artificialia

Nocturna Artificialia

Enigmatic, stop-motion, animated story of a man's day.

An enigmatic story told in seven chapters, each introduced by an elliptical sentence on a title card. A man is in an apartment. He goes outside where a red tram runs beside a cathedral. He ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Nocturna Artificialia torrent reviews

AlSameer C (ca) wrote: X-Men: First Class is a triumph return to a franchise that was pretty much a joke(Origins:Wolverine,you piece of crap). The cast here in this start to a new trilogy rivals the old because they actually sit down and want to chat because these people work REALLY well. The action, especially for 2011,works very well as they're worth dying in. The beginning feels way too dark and sad(more dark than X2, for me) and Magneto's suit for the 1st time looks really dumb. Overall, you will like this movie as its impossible not to love.

Thomas P (ca) wrote: Pretty good film. Moves along slowly, but entertaining. Good ending too. I enjoyed this one a lot.

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Kelsey S (mx) wrote: a decent dance movie

Eddie W (nl) wrote: I love low-budget horror films and even I couldn't watch this one.

Matthew S (fr) wrote: So, this is an alternate/anachronistic history comedy in which Einstein grows up on an apple farm in Tasmania, discovers the theory of relativity, and uses it to invent things such as carbonated beer, rock and roll, and surfing. With a guy with a name like Yahoo Serious at the helm, such wackiness can be expected, I suppose.The story skips around a bit and characters are left undeveloped, but it all seems to work out due to the film's quirky innocence. The main character is a very childlike version of Einstein, so I followed the film as if it were something from the mind of a child, and it was very enjoyable. It's similar to movies like "Kung Pow" and "Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure." Just don't take it seriously, and it's all good.Another thing that helped me enjoy the goofiness and appreciate the intent behind it was how nice it looked. The cinematography, art direction, and effects all match up with other good comedies of the era; things that make a film seem legitimate.I was kind of surprised that I had not heard of this film until recently. Yes, it's Australian and came out when I was only two years old, but it felt like a movie that should be more well known than it is. So go spread the word, kids!

Marcie F (fr) wrote: Loved this movie... Of course its Patrick Swayze...

Mark M (ru) wrote: Love this movie. I remember it from my childhood . My favorite Herbie movie.