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Giovanni Gio M (ag) wrote: I have been a fan of the director for some time now. This was not a disappointment, especially for a modern day horror film

DJ J (kr) wrote: some of the stuff in the documentary is pretty legit... other stuff is debatable

Michael S (kr) wrote: DC Animation has a knack for pairing characters with the right voices. Fan favorite Nathan Fillion proves he has what it takes to be a dashing Hal Jordan. We also see the ever-suave Jason Isaacs, whose repertoire includes Lucius Malfoy and Captain Hook, take a turn as Sinestro when he was still a dedicated Green Lantern (something we didn't see in the pre-New-52 comics or the animated "GL: First Flight"--and there's a dramatic reason for doing him this way here). Perhaps the most enjoyable tale in this collection is that of Laira, who faces a clash between the warrior culture she grew up in and the GL Corps culture that is now her home; all, however, are well done and worth your time.

Martin M (es) wrote: Incredible acting, captivating story, one of the best movies of the past decade in my book.

Nicole T (es) wrote: It's very strange to see Will Ferrell in a dramatic role, but he does a good job. Zooey Deschanel's character is heart-wrenching.

Jose N (au) wrote: Mainly for Corey Spears' fans but not only.

Jim P (es) wrote: B-grade Dirty Harry. James Woods is fun to watch but plays way over the top in many scenes. In spite of the predictable material and some obvious pandering for an R-rating, I still find the closing scene very satisfying.

Luke H (au) wrote: It was an interesting story.

Spencer H (ca) wrote: A sweet movie, the romance could have been more believable, but the writing was just so good that i was easy to forget that.

Rendan L (it) wrote: Del Toro infuses Blade 2 with something that the original struggled with, imagination, and creativity. It may not have a riveting plot or characters but its thoroughly entertaining. Grade: B-

scott g (es) wrote: This is much better than it should be, the set up isnt convincing and cant buy, it, and the film takes itself way to seriously, although it is entertaining with great asian action and violence throughout.

Abigail S (de) wrote: Nice compressed narrative.

Jake M (de) wrote: A poor representation of the Looney Tunes and Michael Jordan, Space Jam is a horribly dated, unfunny, overly commercialized film. If only everyone can get past their nostalgia for this film and recognize how painfully terrible it is. It has bad acting, bad jokes, and a sexualized female bunny who isn't even a looney toon.

Steffen D (jp) wrote: People like to hate this movie because of the 3% of the movie's runtime that Anakin is being an awkward teenager, and frankly, this movie does not deserve that. Ewan McGregor is BRILLIAN in this movie, and Hayden Christiansen isn't nearly as bad as people make him out to be, considering the lines he's expected to deliver. But Anakin is a hormonal teen, and honestly, his portrayal of this character is spot-on. Yes, it definitely could use some touching up, and it is not the best of the Star Wars films, but it is fun to watch, and only stupid for around 5 minutes.

Amanda H (jp) wrote: As made for TV movies go, this one is pretty fantastic. The actors are stellar- particularly Ginnifer Goodwin, who seems as though she was born for this role. I didn't expect to be very interested in something I've seen done a million times before, but this is one of the better depictions I've seen.

Nathaniel H (jp) wrote: Fantastic cinematography techniques

Walter M (au) wrote: [font=Century Gothic]In "Street Smart," a magazine journalist, Jonathan Fisher(Christopher Reeve), has trouble researching an article about a pimp, even after interviewing Punchy(Kathy Baker), a prostitute, so he fabricates the article, instead. As a result of the article being a hit, he becomes the toast of the town. But the district attorney feels that the imagined pimp is Fast Black(Morgan Freeman) who is charged with murder, and would like to have a word with Fisher...[/font][font=Century Gothic][/font] [font=Century Gothic][/font] [font=Century Gothic]"Street Smart" has a neat premise but the subpar execution leaves it being little more than a B-movie. The seedy Times Square of this film has long vanished and AIDS is never mentioned. But what is not dated is its take on journalistic ethics which remains especially relevant in this day and age.[/font][font=Century Gothic][/font] [font=Century Gothic]Christopher Reeve makes for an especially weak lead. And it does take some getting used to Kathy Baker playing a prositute but she is very good. Morgan Freeman is excellent in his breakout role. While he never played this type of character again, he would also never again be so virile on screen.("Glory" and "Driving Miss Daisy" were soon on the horizon for him.)[/font]