Noi, cei din linia întîi

Noi, cei din linia întîi

The Last Assault is a 1986 Romanian drama film directed by Sergiu Nicolaescu. It is set during World War II, during the period when Romania joined the Allies against the Axis.

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Avtar R (kr) wrote: Really good movie, one of those rare Hindi movies worth recommending to everyone. A really well knit story that isn't as far removed from reality as you'd imagine. I think they could have worked a little bit on the ending and made it have a little bit more of an impact, but I think the entire film was really well done, good acting, very good choice for the cast and definitely worth a watch. I think if everyone can follow the two main messages of the film, we'll all become better people. =)

Nicole W (ru) wrote: This movie is f-ing hilarious!

Andrea M (jp) wrote: I guess I joined the party too late.

Chris I (ca) wrote: ultra thin with a hazy voice over ending, what?

mirabella 1 (ag) wrote: One of my faves...Jack the Ripper meets Sherlock Holmes.Starring Anthony Quayle, Robert Morley & Barbara Windsor. It is a cracking good film.I actually have the original 1965 movie poster for this. I should take a pic & post it on my page.

Shelby H (nl) wrote: A fresh and honest look at cultural Christianity and what can happen when money and production overshadow the message. Believe Me achieves the seemingly impossible by combining witty, smart filmmaking with the audacity to challenge the modern day culture of Christian religiosity. But it doesn't stop there. Believe Me will leave you thinking about what's left when the masks come off and all the production value is stripped away.

David L (it) wrote: there's a slew of these British made movies centering on English-Americans in France and I suppose the formula works since studios keep putting them out --this one has all the cliches from start to end (beret wearing dude on a bike as Kline approaches his residence in the Marais!) and incredulous by the fartest stretch of the imagination (stumbling into a random real-estate office and striking up a convo about selling his house?) but its got formidable perf. from Kline and KSThomas. Very moving 5 minute scene bet. Kline/KST thats hard for most seasoned actors to pull off. Worth a watch