Noisy Requiem

Noisy Requiem

Makoto, a youth bound to the slums of Osaka, murders brutally and often, hoarding the entrails he collects atop his rooftop shelter.

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Nikki B (jp) wrote: Negative stars should be an option. With all due respect to the real men of the USS Indianapolis, this movie is an utter embarrassment. With graphics that can only be described as VeggieTales meets Sharknado and dialog that is barely preschool English level; all parties involved in the production of this movie should be so utterly embarrassed that they feed themselves to the sharks. Real live, man eating sharks. Shame on you.......Shaaaaaaaame! This true story deserves so much better than your half-assed attempt at garage-moviemaking.

Greg W (es) wrote: this pic is a mash-up of all terrantino movies 'kill bill', 'pulp fiction' and more a derivative of devivatives with alot of dead elvi (isn't that the plural of elvis?)

PierreJean B (ru) wrote: Excellent travail sur la photo qui soutient l'ambiance de mystre. Tout est film (C) avec soin, que ce soit les paysages ou les visages des personnages.

Duggy L (it) wrote: HORRIFICALLY awesome. There is a plot line. Seriously! The acting is actually not terrible. That being said, its not a "good" movie by any means. They rip off charlies angels pretty bad and it lacks genuine excitement. But its pretty fun to watch anyway.

Hunter H (au) wrote: I don't see why it got bad reviews and a razor but this movie was a great one to me I loved it great plot amazing characters and Sandra bullock delivers amazing great movie

Codie E (mx) wrote: A very impressive but taxing film. Technically sound, excellently performed but the pace and editing are a little messy.

Rendan L (de) wrote: Syecdoche, New York is hugely ambitious even if it misses the mark on one or two of it's ideas.Grade: A-

Julia P (es) wrote: Previously viewed. Watched while on computer.* 7.6.11Interesting.

Emma N (es) wrote: Super weird and one of a kind, with a song about eating chicken with friends at the end. Great!

Ane B (ca) wrote: Tomb Raider almost without any tombs. And that's not even the worst problem this film has. While the first film was at the very least watchable, this one isn't. It's too long, the story make absolutely no sense, the pacing is weird, ... It's just so boring and definietly one of the worst film experiences for me. The only plus I will give this film is the soundtrack that reminded me of the Tomb Raider: Legend game and that's it.

Hunter S (kr) wrote: Hillarious and stupid

Tyler E (au) wrote: Like a French version of the Shining.

Irene V (br) wrote: A kind of film I'd watch without hesitation...

Chris G (it) wrote: Fast paced and tense with subtle themes, this film raises itself above the typical action film without being pretentious and maintaining a dark sense of humor.

Sahal M (de) wrote: The movie was shot well and is the second Dutch movie I've seen. Some more work on the script and a tight twist in the end was missing. Theo Maassen is a good actor, especially in this serious role as he is known to be a Stand-up Comdeian.

Hou Boun K (us) wrote: It got somewhat weird in some parts, but overall it's pretty funny.

Farah R (us) wrote: An enjoyable movie despite its flaws.

laurie e (fr) wrote: i don?t even know what to make of this indie film. it?s just the strange imaginings of an 11 year old boy who?s slowly going blind. rather boring, and pointless.

Teija R (es) wrote: Yksi versio Bram Stokerin Draculasta. Pettymys. Ei vetnyt lhimainkaan vertoja sille versiolle, jossa Gary Oldman nytteli kreivi Draculaa.

Karen H (ag) wrote: 2016-02-06 pretty good