French anthropologist Jean-Charles Pommier and his wife have come to LA so he can take up a position as lecturer. To his surprise he encounters a group of urban nomads. As he investigates things become more unsettling as he realizes the price paid for being civilized.

A French anthropologist moves to Los Angeles and is followed by the evil spirits of an extinct tribe he once uncovered. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Seth C (de) wrote: Fucking religious nuts using a tragedy to try and promote their insane beliefs. Everyone involved in this piece of crap should be ashamed of themselves.

mason b (au) wrote: I have been told that Cosmopolis is an intelligent film, and I'll buy that. I have been told that it's well directed by David Cronenberg, and I'll buy that as well. However, Cosmopolis fails so spectacularly on a cinematic level, fails so thoroughly in the act of being a film, I am ready to state that it is the worst film I have ever seen, up to this point at least. Cosmopolis is an adaptation of a book written by Don DeLillo that tells the tale of an extremely wealthy businessman, played by Robert Pattinson, traveling through manhattan in his limo in order to get a haircut. And that's all I could gather. I couldn't tell you a single other thing about the plot. Probably because the dialogue is wholly incomprehensible. I consider myself a fairly intelligent person, but I couldn't understand a single line that was being spoken from beginning to end. It's like they were reading random statements from political and economic textbooks. It doesn't help that almost the entire cast speaks this dialogue in a near constant monotone. After about fifteen minutes I lost all patience with trying to keep up with the inane dialogue, which never stopped, and just stopped trying. Robert Pattinson tries his absolute best, but he cannot overcome the dialogue to create any sort of character. Meanwhile Sarah Gordon, playing his wife, does some of the worst acting I've seen in a while. The only two in the this film who are able to make the dialogue seem remotely interesting are Samantha Morton and Paul Giamatti, but otherwise there is nothing to have emotional or intellectual attachment to. Perhaps the story worked better as a novel, but it utterly fails as a film. I spent two hours looking at the screen in abject horror without ever gaining any understanding of what was happening or any reason to care. I hated it. I really, really hated it.

xGary X (it) wrote: When the liberal attitudes of newly crowned Queen Ja-Yeong threaten the isolationist dogma of the ruling royalty her father-in-law plots her assassination leaving an ex-bounty hunter devoted to her service as her sole protector. This Korean historical adventure contains all the usual ingredients of similar Asian martial arts films, namely an honour bound warrior, unrequited love and political machinations regarding the corruption of the country's way of life by outside influences. However The Sword With No Name has many qualities that raise it above the crowd; roguish Seung-woo Cho is just enough of a scoundrel to make a fun and charming anti-hero, Ae Su makes a more intellectual and feisty heroine than most and the politics are more sophisticated then the usual "all foreigners are bad" xenophobia of a lot of these types of film. The character dynamic of the love triangle is also better realised than most and the romance more sincere making the film a little reminiscent of The House Of Flying Daggers with a dash of Hero. A couple of the fight sequences are a little CGI heavy resembling a game of Soul Calibur more than anything and the ending does succumb to sappiness, but the journey there is consistently entertaining thanks to some very likeable performances and an above par script.

Matt G (de) wrote: Is this a more authentic version of House of Cards, or is its cynicism just more nave? The corruption of politics is fascinatingly told in this always great but especially poignant film. It's an argument against seeing any one individual as completely broken or evil, and instead blaming the corrupt system itself. The performances are super strong and the dialogue is endlessly clever in this not-fictional-enough black spot on American idealism (beautiful silhouette on a giant American flag).

David M (kr) wrote: Dogville is one of my very favorite movies, and Von Trier one of my very favorite directors. Manderlay is good, and gets better as the movie progresses, but it doesn't live up to the standard set by Dogville. Dogville was much angrier and shocking and critical than Manderlay. Manderlay is more calm, meditative, and yes even banal, but that is done purposefully. Von Trier is a provocateur who likes to challenge his audience by shocking or boring them, among other things. Manderlay is a small plantation that never heard that slavery has been abolished, and still has slaves. Grace (now Howard isntead of Kidman) shows up and frees them. She then takes the responsibility of showing them how to be independent people, after they and she realize they have no idea how to function without masters. This is at once a parable about race relations in the history of America, as well as a metaphor for America's presence in Iraq and Afghanastan, our freeing people. Grace serves as America, well-to-do and idealistic, but always making things worse. Constantly misjudging situations and not seeing the big picture. The last act is profound in its observations in these areas and will leave you intellectually stimulated.

Leo L (kr) wrote: An intriguing movie. Great story plot. A movie most worthy to watch over and over, despite the mood or setting. This story centralizes around family, friendship, and lastly love. Raj Singh Puri loses his beloved wife Shalini in an accident, and continues to raise and support his three daughters on his own. At his wife's behest, he promises not to only be a father but their friend as well. There hasn't been an inconstructive task where Raj had to face alone before, because he always had his Shalini by his side. Now, he must be both parent to his daughters as they embark on love, marriage, and the future. Hrithik Roshan and Kareena Kapoor are brilliant.

Lewroy L (mx) wrote: a bit sik bt itz stil mint .. a woz wotchin wit mi m8 n we dint luk away from da telly !!

ChillinDylan G (fr) wrote: John Cusack at his absolute best. Great coming-of-age stories with 2 mismatched teenagers who find love against all odds. Great music and some iconic scenes make this one of the best rom-coms of the '80s. Fantastic ending.Grade = 8.5/10

Robert S (us) wrote: I thought it was an interesting plot with a good sound track.

Katherine B (us) wrote: Such a revealing adaptation of Peter Gent's entertaining novel about what he learned playing for the Dallas Cowboys, and how the machinations of "management," kept him off balance and on the verge of quitting. The musical score by John Scott is clever, reminiscent of Don Ellis's creepy music for The French Connection, or or Michael Small's The Parallax View score.

Octavian (it) wrote: I dunno. It has great reviews but I also don't... i would bet money on my not liking this.

Jim S (kr) wrote: Well acted film that unfortunately is very overwrought. It's too complex for its own good and kind of plays out like a made for TV thriller which is a shame because it has such a grade A cast.

Panayiota K (kr) wrote: The doctor was hysteric but it is a cute parody

Marnie Z (us) wrote: I think part of the problem was that Netflix recommended this to me as a comedy?it isn't.. :p