"Nongkrong" features three different men named Aman (Angah), Bada (Sam) and Cumi (Epy) who try to obtain riches through lazy means, by buying lottery numbers. Cumi is desperate to propose to his longtime girlfriend, Lin (Nuremy) while Bada and Aman just want to change their families' lives for the better. The three then decide to meet a Malay shaman in order to obtain winning lottery numbers. The shaman summons a beautiful sea princess to help them, on the condition that Bada weds the princess. However, when the princess transforms into a hideous creature on the day of their wedding, the three of them turn tail and run, and so the chase begins...

Three guys who need ghost number, one of them must marry the lovely ghost in order to fulfill the ritual. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Brandon W (ca) wrote: Now before I even start, I am not going to preach to you in this review. I'm not going to tell you how to live your life or who to believe in and what came to my surprise, is that this film didn't really do that either. Before the film started playing, multiple trailers for other Christain movies were shown... and all of them looked really bad. All of them had pretty bad acting and they all seemed very preachy. So I was a bit worried going into Heaven is for Real. Turns out, this film brought me to tears. Really, it did. This story isn't really about a boy who went to heaven, saw Jesus, his unborn sister, and his great grandfather, this is a story about a father trying to understand what his son is going through. There is a line in the film where he says something like, "I've been preaching for so many years and I don't even know if I believe it." This story doesn't have little Colton come back from heaven and the whole town erupts in praise and joy and cheer, Colton and his father are faced with skepticism. Everyone from counselors, members of the church and Colton's own mother. That's the reason why I loved this movie. When Todd (Greg Kinnear) is looking through old photos of his grandfather, he gets emotional and questions what does this all mean. I think every human goes through that stage of questioning what comes after this life. Some people say you are reborn while some say you can go to heaven. For a film titled, Heaven is for Real, it doesn't preach to you what is the truth, it simply shows a family man's journey about discovering it. If you are a hardcore atheist who has no doubts in their mind that church is a place for nutjobs, then I would advise against this film. On the other hand, if you are a faithful Christian or anybody that is on the fence on what they want to believe, I say you should see this movie. For me personally, it gave me hope that maybe one day I will see my two grandfathers again. That why I believe this film succeeds. It could start you on the path of your own journey to find something.

Dorothy B (ru) wrote: yes I would go see this movie

Mark R (ca) wrote: It was an interesting take on making "zombies" so to speak. He resurrects his assistant only to kill him and bring him back again and again.

Frances H (kr) wrote: Interesting visually, but the story is just a bit too much--the characters just aren't my cup of tea--too sadistic to be really funny.

John B (mx) wrote: Tremendously depressing story about young kids in Bucharest who spend their lives engaged in violence with one another and getting high on homemade goop. See it when you need to be saddened.

Joseph H (us) wrote: not bad,i thought it was good.

Al M (ca) wrote: I am certainly not averse to bad but cult classic horror cinema; however, Demonic Toys makes Puppet Master look like Casablanca. Boring, completely derivative, and stupid in a way that is not even fun to laugh at, Demonic Toys is crap horror cinema at its worst.

Nichole B (de) wrote: I loved this film and all of the actresses in it. Very well done. Wished the backgrounds of the characters were touched upon.

Michael T (jp) wrote: This movie prevents relevant scenarios and messages calling for peace and environmental protection in a progressive film ahead of its time for content and animation. The landscapes were gorgeous and the opening music fit the film perfectly. The voice acting was slightly weak which made the films serious tone slightly less convincing but with the visual mastery and seriousness of the topics on hand it barely scratches the masterpiece.

Nalle M (fr) wrote: Linda Blair and Sybil Danning almost steal the show from the WORST BOOM OPERATOR EVER!

Ethan B (es) wrote: I didn't hide the fact that I was a bit disappointed with the first Rocky film. It won Best Picture, but I wasn't terribly impressed. I wanted goosebumps, but didn't really get any as the film climaxed. So needless to say, I was far from thrilled about facing SIX MORE installments of this thing. But I figured, datedness--which plagued the introductory chapter so much--will eventually stop being a factor as the movies become newer. And rightly so, Rocky II is better than Rocky I. There's conflict. There's struggle. There's adversity. And everything that happens--every plot point--is well-deserved this time.However, Rocky II isn't a perfect movie by any means. Much of the first act is disjointed, but sets up everything that follows well. Picking up right where we leave off in the first film, Rocky is fresh off his fight with Apollo Creed. And although Apollo technically won by decision, the champ is facing scrutiny from the public saying the fight was rigged or that he shouldn't have won.Rocky, on the other hand, has moved on. Or at least it seems that way. He and Adrian get married and start their lives together. But Creed is taunting Rocky to get back into the ring again for a rematch.Not that Rocky wasn't already an affable character, but here, we learn more about him, which makes him even more likable.In this one, the themes are also much more interesting. Much of this film is about Rocky becoming famous and recognizable--automatically bringing more meaning to the first film--but then also shows how easily the public forgets about him and what he accomplished.One of the great scenes is when he tries to read the lines for a commercial he's doing, but can't get any of them correct. Stallone just plays dumb so well.Unlike the first, Rocky actually has his back up against the wall. He's being laughed at by his peers, and his relationship with Adrian actually has some issues. It's nowhere near as easy this time around for Rocky. And by now, we know the characters well enough to appreciate it all. After watching this one, I finally got goosebumps--along with a few tears.Twizard Rating: 92

Trenton R (fr) wrote: Well acted and genuinely scary, Magic is an underrated horror film that defiantly deserves more recognition.

Harsh C (mx) wrote: Awesome banjo playing at the start but the rest of the movie drags

Tavo R (us) wrote: Una (C)pica obra maestra, direccin excelsa, actuaciones impresionantes y un guin slido y desgarrador, entretenida y deslumbrante. Nominada a 5 Oscares (1971 - Pelcula Extranjera / 1972 - Mejor Pelcula, Actriz, Direccin y Guin Adaptado).

Bill B (it) wrote: Suzuki continues to impress me with every film of his that I see, and this one was no different. Gorgeous visuals and bizarre situations really make this one worth tracking down, it's completely worth it.Rental, at the very least?

Steve W (nl) wrote: One of Melville's absolute best. Strong characterization and excellent subplots make for a rich and airy heist film with memorable characters. a very satisfying climax brings it all together in a taut and lean French New Wave paving machine.

Harry W (br) wrote: With Charles Bronson headlining the film, Mr. Majestyk sounded like a good nostalgic action piece.The story in Mr. Majestyk is a very familiar one considering it is another story dealing with a protection racket and usurping land against the backdrop of an action story. The gimmick comes into play on the basis of the fact that it is a 1970's action film which serves as a vehicle for Charles Bronson. As a fan of him for his work in The Great Escape and Death Wish, Mr. Majestyk sounded like a fun film. It wasn't what I expected, but it did maintain many of the faults that I had predicted. When I say that, I mean that Mr. Majestyk is a familiar film with a premise which has been used in the plot device of countless other crime or action films throughout history. And considering the fact that Mr. Majestyk comes from the 1970's, it also incures the same slow pace that was the standard for films at the time which means that it is no longer as exhilarating as it once was. The value for the film comes into play based on its nostalgia and how much viewers enjoy the gimmick of it as a Charles Bronson action piece. Mr. Majestyk puts a lot of focus on its plot which slows down the effect of the feature as an action piece. And when I say that, I don't mean in the same way that it focused on the titular character of his other film The Mechanic. In Mr. Majestyk, it is all about him on the run and so the creativity in what the film can do with its action is limited. But considering how dated the film is, it is easy to see how back in the day of its original release Mr. Majestyk would be an entertaining feature. It uses an atmosphere of slow burning tension to grasp its intended feel, and as the story progresses viewers are able to get insight into just what kind of a hero the titular Mr. Majestyk is. He is a hunter, he sees enemies as inferior creatures which need to be eliminated, and Charles Bronson is the perfect fit for this part. With the country setting of the story, this makes the premise of Mr. Majestyk a fascinating one. Mr. Majestyk is one of the more realistic action films of the era as it does not go over the top with explosions or characters suriving them but rather chronicles a farmer turned into a hunter against his enemies without going over the top in characterizing his abilities. At heart, that is what Mr. Majestyk is about. It is a tale about a hunter, and in that regard it is a decent one. It is certainly a slow one and could use a bit more energy, but it has its moments. As a whole, Mr. Majestyk is a slow, dated and somewhat boring film. But Richard Fleischer's directorial work manages to give a certain kind of spirit to the film. Considering that the story involves war over a watermelon farm, it is a bit ridiculous which suggests that the source material had other themes to it which would further justify it. But while the film is bereft of these, Richard Fleischer at least does a good job of ensuring that the action in the film is strong enough.The action scenes in Mr. Majestyk are choreographed very nicely. While there may not be enough of them, they are realistic and captured with precision as well as incorporating in a touch of blood. They all occur against the backdrop of some nice country scenery which end up establishing the setting of the story very nicely. It is good to see a story like this take place in a less commercialised location for once because the country setting is one usually reserved for horror films and so seeing it in a crime based story is an effective concept. It may not always be the most interesting but it definetely benefits from the nice scenery around everything because it provides a colourful backdrop and allows a game of cat and mouse between heroes and villains to occur within an open ranged setting. Seeing the battle occur on the sides of cliffs and through the trees is interesting as it reinforces the nature of the film as a vigilante justice tale about a farmer. There are certainly some memorable moments of visual imagery in Mr. Majestyk, and so it isn't as forgettable as it could have ended up being.And of course, Charles Bronson makes his contribution to Mr. Majestyk clear.Charles Bronson's leading performance as the titular Mr. Majestyk is solid. While the film doesn't give him too much in terms of script, Charles Bronson makes the role work by turning the character into the hunter that he is. Grasping his weaponry without fear, Charles Bronson steps up and delivers a powerful effort. The only emotion that Charles Bronson needs to play Mr. Majestyk is determination, and Charles Bronson brings plenty of that to the part because he puts the tension in and never takes it out even for a second. He stands strong in Mr. Majestyk and draws his weapon to his shoulder at any time without flinching, pulling the trigger fearlessly. The part isn't as complex or challenging for him and is largely just another action vehicle for him, but he certainly ensures that the viewer's time is not wasted whenever he is on screen. He is the main thing drawing viewers into Mr. Majestyk and his ability to take on an action hero with such grit and determination is likely to be the reson any viewers could recommend Mr. Majestyk as entertaining, so Charles Bronson is definitely an asset.So Charles Bronson does his part and the action in the film is entertaining, but overall Mr. Majestyk is a slow paced and dated film with a bit of nostalgia but not enough exhilaration to really do the job.

Ethan P (us) wrote: It is a beautiful and rustic film that has rugged, handsome, classic characters that enliven a dark, vengeful story that slowly unwinds to its satisfying finale.

Cev B (ru) wrote: Just signed up to rate this because I feel the current low rating is a little unfair.I saw this movie by accident the first time, but have watched it 2 more times in the years since.I would agree and strongly recommend to Sci-Fi fans but is an all round enjoyable movie.Excellent effects and prop/sets, quite gritty, explored some new concepts and provokes thought.Maybe it was a benefit to avoid any hype surrounding the film, but having watched it knowing nothing previous We found it very entertaining

Tor M (ru) wrote: I've seen quite some of Chaplin's full lenghts. They are all genius in their own way, still the same satirical, slapstic is always very present and never hidden.In this film the little man is caught up in the gold rush. People are freezing on top of a mountain in search for gold. Crooks and badder fellas are in the mix and our man is naturally in the middle of it - in a cabin actually. With some shady fellas and few other facilities.Some famous scenes like the shoe eating and the bread roll dance. There are some great effects here to, with the slipping cabin and the chicken hallucination. This film has a voice over too, I can't remember that the other ones I've seen from him has vocalized words, but I'm not sure.Funny and smart, witty, silly and dumb. The typical message of his are here and the crush, naturally. Not his best film if you ask me, but still a very good one.7.5 out of 10 bears.