Noo Hin: The Movie

Noo Hin: The Movie

Based on the popular Thai comic strip, "Noo-Hin" centers on the adventures of a diminutive and accident-prone girl from rural Northeastern Thailand who moves to Bangkok and ends up working ...

Based on the popular Thai comic strip, "Noo-Hin" centers on the adventures of a diminutive and accident-prone girl from rural Northeastern Thailand who moves to Bangkok and ends up working ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Noo Hin: The Movie torrent reviews

Matthew R (us) wrote: this film is very bad

Jurgen K (de) wrote: good film! better than Brokeback Mountain :-)

Jandy F (de) wrote: Great film with great fight scenes

Stephanie M (gb) wrote: I love this move! <3

Kevin C (ag) wrote: This movie started out so unlikeable. Lisa Kudrow's character is just one of the many who make bizarre decisions that make me wonder if this is set in some other universe. Everyone is so mean and angry... I think the writers mixed up being annoying with being funny. Once it gets into the main premise, also incredibly dumb and nonsensical, things stay downhill. Both the parents are cheating on each other, the kids are demons, and everyone is a horrible person, so why should we care about this family?

James H (kr) wrote: What a slow moving film. The pace did not pick up until 3/4ths through the film. Well cast. Neve Campbell does nicely in an offbeat role. Sometimes the slow pacing works in favor of the film, it is set in the south and it helps the flavor of the film, but still, too often slow.

Kaipo S (it) wrote: Haven't watched this since 2001 at the movies lol good old rom coms lol

Meghan M (gb) wrote: Combined two of my favourite actors, Aaron Eckhart and Thomas Jane. It's so cheesy and pulpy I just love it. Bloody, quirky and fantastic.

Cristian E (mx) wrote: Have owned this on VHS since 1994. Saw it again yesterday for the first time in a very long time. Pure nostalgia! One of the best live-movies ever made.

Jon P (fr) wrote: Loaded with biting dialogue and bags of British charm, Robert Hamer's witty classic bares all the hallmarks of a true Ealing great. The movie pans out like a kind of comic noir, with Ealing legend Alec Guiness playing eight different caricatured roles and a swivelling story that seldom fails to entertain and enthuse. Ferociously funny and remarkably timeless.

Angela P (ca) wrote: Great performances from everyone. Lots of great music, too, but some of the performances go on for a tad too long.

Aman A (br) wrote: I wanted to give this movie a standing ovation after I saw it. It was brilliant. I loved the filming, the concept and the depiction of the whole story. The cinematography was spot on and the long one shots were a precursor to what a great director Alfonso would become. In particular, I love the subtleties in the movie - the carefully placed photographs, off-hand dialogues and fleeting expressions. Somehow I caught most of it and I loved it. This is a must see movie for all kind of movie goers!

Craig T (ca) wrote: An odd melange of melodrama, camp and pathos punctuated by Bette Davis's signature tack-spitting line readings. Brain cancer never looked so "prognosis positive."

Michel V (nl) wrote: This is really a slap in the face of any decent filmviewer.. An utterly ridiculous "script", bad acting (or just non acting), all of this in one of the worst cocktails of western- and horrorclichs! Use this as a table mat or a frisbee for your dog, or way better, don't ever buy it!

Maya F (au) wrote: good acting, interesting plot, but I feel they have failed to explore all the possibilities that cinema offers to tell a story.

Asma A (nl) wrote: Yeah, this one was just bad.

Ette S (jp) wrote: Not my type of comedy, but good for the genre

Cliff M (es) wrote: Catchy songs, perfect voiceovers, humour and tragedy all make this a family favorite for many more years to come