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David S (mx) wrote: A fantastic concert that could really only have been better if you were there live! Would recommend to ANY Led Zeppelin fan! :D

Chrystal M (ru) wrote: Love these exorcist based movies.

Hani H (ca) wrote: a russian developed 12 angry men. amazing movie, emotionally strong, really good. liked it very much

Nick J (it) wrote: I really liked this movie's interpretation of the life of French pop star Serge Gainsbourg. The actor Eric Elmosnino looked almost exactly like Serge Gainsbourg. It was uncanny. Getting to know a little more about this French icon was intriguing and the usage of illustration/dream sequences really helped to break up the action at the most appropriate times. I highly recommend this film if you're looking for a good biopic, or French drama.

Baphomet (ca) wrote: Hmmm... No poster, or a summary. No, thanks.

Ken S (ca) wrote: Overall it's preachy and poorly structured. Kind of like the kind outside Old Navy who says there is no room in heaven for smokers.

Kenneth S (jp) wrote: It's a nice movie! Although I hv to spend a long time to watch it, I love the story also!! It told me the life is so terrible, but we hard work, fright to the life, finally we will c our bright future.

Dennis F (us) wrote: Extreme chesse fest, with some ok gore here and there.

Andrew M (ru) wrote: Zoolander is an okay movie. I didn't laugh a whole lot, but it is still an okay movie. The plot is pretty good. I would suggest this movie especially if you are a fashion fan.

Carolina C (mx) wrote: Much, further much better than "Life is beautiful", excellent combination of jewish humour and tragedy, one of the most original Holocaust films I've ever seen

Megan R (us) wrote: loved the movie but was not very impressed with the ending :(

Jax B (es) wrote: This movie introduced a young Frank Sinatra to me. Other than that I had difficulty relating to the dumb maid and as it turns out, the equally dumb man she ends up with. it was alright for time.

Mike W (ru) wrote: Robin Williams sure is funny especially for a professor.

Cameron H (es) wrote: "Statement on consumer culture"? Not buying it, Rotten Tomatoes. This is an A+ B-movie, composed of gruesomely cartoonish violence, wooden but likable characters, and appropriate score, cinematography and special effects to suit the uncontrollable menace of the Gremlins. Gizmo, the good Mogwai, is very cute, and, for all of the murders they commit, so are the other Gremlins. In one scene, bartender Kate (Phoebe Cates) is forced to serve the Gremlins all of the alcohol they want, in order for her to keep her life. Those little monsters know how to throw a party. At one point, they are all found watching Snow White and singing along to "Heigh Ho." If there is a statement, it is that responsibility is overrated. Maybe there are parts that are better than the sum, most noticeably in a scene where Kate tells Billy (Zach Gilligan) why she does not celebrate Christmas. It is a very heartbreaking monologue that has no place in this movie. Personally, this is such a nostalgia trip that I fully forgive its flaws. If you want a fun, rebellious Christmas movie for the season, do not hesitate to watch this.