Noored kotkad

Noored kotkad

1918. Thousands of volunteers hurry to defend a nascent Republic of Estonia against the advancing enemy from East and South-East. Among others three brave young men - a student, a blacksmith and a farmhand - enlist to the Estonian People's Army. Three of them go scouting together and shoulder by shoulder they fight in battle. With strenuous effort the enemy's overwhelming contingent is pushed back. The farmhand falls as a hero, while the battle-hardened blacksmith and the student return home. The reconstruction of the young republic begins. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jamie P (fr) wrote: Okay, so I guess everyone had high expectations when they started watching this. I didn't on the other hand and I ended up loving it. It was a goofy movie about girls trying to make the best of the craziness that was going on and I think they did a great job. I laughed all through the movie.

Jason L (au) wrote: Can't believe this is based on a true story; what a couple idiots.

Ernest C (br) wrote: This royal family melodrama features lavish costumes and exaggerated visual sequences, with the style and substance of this film both exhilarating and at times overwhelming.

Brant S (fr) wrote: Stylish French film with Jean Reno. Anna finds her memory unraveling and begins to suspect her husband is not what he seems.. what follows is part La Femme Nikita meets Brotherhood of the Wolf. Nicely twisty plot and cool synth-arabian score keep this film moving along to the conclusion you wouldn't have guessed.

WS W (de) wrote: Moody but way too laid-back, sloppy muddled, fragmented & loosely constructed. Jamie Dornan's shallow acting further puzzles what is his supposed-to-be significant character really about.

Viviana M (mx) wrote: Slow, unmerciful and painful description of admin temp jobs: so, definitely, nothing to smile about. Just as boring as watching the time for 2 hours. For those who work in an office and like self portraits.

Jose M (ru) wrote: Jeremy Irons gives his most captivating and indelible performance, for which he won the Academy Award for Best Actor in Leading Role, in what was in my mind, a compelling but by-the-numbers legal drama that chronicles the appelate procedures that eventually exonorated socialite Claus Von Bulow (Irons) of the attempted murder of his wife, Sunny Von Bulow (Glenn Close). While the cast is certainly adept in their roles, particularly Ron Silver, as crusading defense attorney, Alan Dershovitz, it is Irons who without question steals every scene he is in. He embodies a lack of empathy, a sense of moral ambiguity that in spite of his charm, emanates powerfully, giving you the sense that not only is he guilty, but unrepentantly so. His gaze is cold and penetrating, and it is his ability to embody such a sinister charater that lifts the entire production beyond the treshold of the ordinary.

Scott C (gb) wrote: Meh. I don't like Madonna.

Mike M (nl) wrote: This movie rocks. Script by William Goldman. Shot by Conrad Hall and one of the best casts ever.

Marilee A (fr) wrote: How to Make It, Fake It, & Break It on your Rise to the Top by way of the Stage Door.This has to be one of the best Ensemble, mostly Female Casts in the history of Film:Katherine Hepburn, Ginger Rogers, Lucille ball, Adolphe Menjou, Eve Arden,Ann Miller,& many more.This Film is centered around an All Female Boarding House for Aspiring Theater Actresses called the Footlights Club & the Letcherous Old Producers who try to pray on them, offering parts in Plays & Musicals on Broadway.The relationships & shenanigans inside this Boarding House/Social Club is what drives this film, especially Katharine Hepburn as Terry & Ginger Rogers as Jean & they are Roommates ofen at odds with each other.Lucille Ball is Comic Relief as Judy, Ginger Rogers is Cynical & Tough, & Katherine Hepburn is a Heiress trying to make it on her own without family influence, but seems to get her Role Suspiciously.Great performances by all involved on just how hard that climb to the top for an actress is.You will Laugh, Cry, & want to Hug your friends.There is a Price to Fame & Fortune is the Moral to this Story, not a new Cautionary Tale, but done with such panache, it's memorable.Delicious!!!

Jayakrishnan R (us) wrote: 82%Saw this on 23/7/15I must admit that I do not enjoy the films of Chaplin like the way I used to when I saw them as a kid, however, Modern Times is a socially relevant film from Chaplin that does not have a background score as good as his other films. Nevertheless, Modern Times benefits from the acting skills of Chaplin and Paultette Goddard and also from Mr Chaplin's extreme comic timing. That song he sings in the end is mind blowing and watching that alone would help you understand why he is been considered a legend.