A young and inexperienced priest encourages a family to declare their long-missing son dead, but once they do, the boy mysteriously returns, testing the priest's commitment to church doctrine over the laws of the natural world.

When an abducted boy mysteriously returns to his island home, a young priest discovers how far he must go to keep a secret. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Nor'easter torrent reviews

Adam R (es) wrote: (First and only full viewing - 7/8/2010)

Jojo S (fr) wrote: Peace. Rest. Respect. This is the most relaxing film I have ever watched yet. The entire 63 mins is absolutely raw and simple. There's no noise, drugs, city, jobs, worries, etc. It's just people and nature. This film represents the respect we should have for the animals and nature. This film marks the height for ambient music also due to its exclusive use of it that blended in with the film. The film combines many symbolic meanings of from various religions. The entire film is shot in slow motion.

Paladin of Odin (ag) wrote: No Van Damme just no

George K (br) wrote: Complicated plot but put it aside and there is a straight forward story. The movie lacks something, the director has failed to get the real tension out of the action, the events just fall upon each other with out meaning. Nonetheless the cinematography was beautiful and so was Zhao Wei.

Erick F (nl) wrote: Decent. I know Buscemi directed and wrote this. Which I give him credit for. I'd like to see him do more of it. There is something poetic about this entire story. A lot of really cool cameos of young actors just getting their start. Steve Buscemi plays a barfly who fucked up his whole life. Kind of guy everyone has in their life. Then he meets a 17 year old girl who looks 14. And things get weird. Didn't expect that to happen. Yep. Interesting Concept. Solid Execution. Watch it.

Harry W (fr) wrote: Paul Newman is awesomw in this Hularoius western!

Nicki S (ca) wrote: I rented this for Simon Baker because I really like him in the Mentalist BUT this wasn't worth my time. The acting wasn't all that great and the story drug on too much. There was too much dead silence time. BUT Simon Baker is still hot! HA

John M (fr) wrote: The reason it stands out is because Jonathan Demme isn't interested in just making a concert video, he's interested in everyone in the band for their own personas and focuses equally on each of them and their eccentric attitudes. The fact that we don't even see the audience until the end and the very choreographed and specific cinematography puts us right with the band forgetting that we're in a live performance and more in a music video. It's the best concert I've ever seen, live or on TV and is iconic for this genre.

Grant L (jp) wrote: There is really nothing to say but. Why was this movie even created? And why did I even watch this movie? As far as bad movies go Incubus is the worst completly pointless, horribly acted and directed with a story that had me saying "why do I care?" But you cant always expect much out of Tara Reid who gave a performance that was "Razzie" worthy. Just a horrible movie. 10%

Nadine L (us) wrote: For a girl who as a general rule hates westerns - this one is an exception. With an excellent cast that includes Eleanor Parker and William Holden it could hardly go wrong. This film will keep you thoroughly entertained and on the edge of your seat.

Bruce R (gb) wrote: Five Came Back was a highly successful B-grade film that helped launch Lucille Ball's career. The title describes the plot and you can pretty much guess who is coming back long before the actual decision is made.Dalton Trumbo wrote the screenplay and some of it does seem political, but it's a politics that is strangely quaint by today's standards. The film is worth seeing on a rainy day, but I wouldn't go out of my way to get a copy.

Michael W (nl) wrote: This is one of the most entertaining films I've seen in a while, astonishingly from 1933. It's a very interesting idea and a tense look into the mind and its horrors. Lang was a master of the psychological thriller.

Kevin M W (ca) wrote: Philip Marlowe isn't too impressed with his job, which is turning off toasters, until one beauty of a toaster saves his life. Can a man fall in love with a toaster? And will the toaster love him back? Ridley Scott's interpretation of the future may be overrated, but is positively thick with noir atmosphere and foreboding. And one of my personal favs.

Jeff L (it) wrote: Sullivan's Travels strikes many poses and excels whether operating as a fast paced comedy or tender, buddy-road flick.