Nora Prentiss

Nora Prentiss

Quiet, organised Dr Talbot meets nightclub singer Nora Prentiss when she is slightly hurt in a street accident. Despite her misgivings they become heavily involved and Talbot finds he is faced with the choice of leaving Nora or divorcing his wife. When a patient expires in his office, a third option seems to present itself.

Quiet, organised Dr Talbot meets nightclub singer Nora Prentiss when she is slightly hurt in a street accident. Despite her misgivings they become heavily involved and Talbot finds he is ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jesse O (de) wrote: This film is surprisingly better than I was expecting, thanks to its talented cast, highlighted by Sara Rue and Elliott Gould, who delivers the film's funniest lines, but it's still not that good of a movie. It certainly gets by on Sara Rue's charismatic and immensely likable performance, but the script is predictable and overtly cutesy. And despite the fact that it was written by a female, to be fair the script could've undergone changes that weren't up to the woman who wrote it, there's this whole sexist tone that underscores the events of the film. So, if a woman doesn't have kids or is married by a certain age, then it should be hell for her? Is a woman's worth, when she reaches a certain age, really measured by whether or not she's been married and has kids yet? The movie, for the most part, tries to be really cute and inoffensive, except when you really think about the story. Other than that, the film, while generic and with a script ripped right out of a sitcom, is certainly pleasant and watchable thanks to Sara Rue. I really do think her talents are wasted in this film, because she has a very charming and vibrant personality, so you immediately take to her in this movie because of that, but it's a shame the script and the generic story lets her down. There's also another part of the movie that I didn't like and that was the climax. Basically, Deborah has to choose between two men, naturally, as her life would be meaningless without a man in it, the movie makes it clear to you, it's not me being an asshole. Basically there's Jay and there's Cookie. One man she's had a crush on her entire life, but he always uses her for his own benefits, if he needs a favor, that kind of stuff. He never listens to her problems or helps her out with anything. The other actually treats her with respect, actually listens to her problems, and actually helps her out when she needs him. So who does she pick? Naturally, at first, she picks the asshole. When she's there, she finally realizes that this guy isn't really interested in her, and then she goes for the guy that actually treats her like a real human being. This was certainly odd, would someone over the age of 14, really be that blinded by "love", that you wouldn't see how much of a douchebag one of your romantic interests is? It was certainly contradictory to everything the movie was trying to be at that point. Why wouldn't she go straight to the person who actually treated her decently? It was odd, and not a particularly effective way to end a rom-com. 'Hey, I chose you because my first choice didn't really pan out'. That's all the ending boils down to. Of course, there's the really cheesy moment when Deborah finally does choose Cookie, so perhaps that's the reason the climax went as it did. I digress, this film has some pretty lame scripting, and it wasn't really funny, though it did have some really funny lines, but this is a sitcom script at best that is elevated by the cast, in particular, Sara Rue, who does a good job here with what she is given.

Shannielle W (ru) wrote: Didn't Lik da endN..

Nicole T (es) wrote: Not the best story in the world, but if you have some time to kill, and don't want to think about what you are watching, it will do.

Grant S (us) wrote: Powerful, clever, original and very realistic.A "documentary" of the assassination of George W Bush in 2007. Much of the footage is of actual Bush speeches and the like, cleverly spliced with staged material to make a fictional story. It fits together so smoothly and seamlessly you would not knowthat this is fiction.Solid performances from the actors in the staged segments give this a very authentic feel.Not just a good story, but a profound one too, one with great social and moral observations. It powerfully highlights the hysteria, irrationality and injustice that prevails in society, especially in reaction to a catastrophic event, and also the prejudices that exist.I was expecting, with some trepidation, that this film was going to have some sort of political agenda, i.e that it would be a left-wing daydream or a right-wing attack on the opponents of Bush. I was very pleasantly surprised to find that it is very well balanced and has no real political agenda.

Slappy M (us) wrote: Not sure of the appeal of this film. Boring until an hour in. A funny sequence that lasts till the end. Then all of a sudden the movie's over. No third act at all. Just odd.

Vadim D (es) wrote: A lot of talent is wasted on screen in this predictable and mildly entertaining romantic dramedy.

Luca L (ca) wrote: A smart movie by Aki Kaurismaki. It's his "French movie" Set in france and spoken in French. The main characters are a French novellist, An Irish musician and a painter from Albania. It seems that the world doesn't care of them and their qualities...but anyway way they's artists!:) The ending is all-consuming...great and sharp!

Cem Regi Pixelmannen (de) wrote: stupidly funny...but a bit to much...

Nite M (nl) wrote: The movie was good but the screaming was annoying

FilmGrinder S (es) wrote: 83%"How can I stand by you?"-Caroline Devereaux (Ellen Drew)Made men, mad with power.

Drew R (us) wrote: Beautiful gem. Takes a fool to dislike this! Steve tries his Will Ferrell in Stranger than Fiction & Jim Carrey in Eternal Sunshine shoes on. There are laughs, but it is incredibly endearing and meaningful as well. I can't BELIEVE I love a film with Dane Cook as a costar, but Emily Blunt makes up for that! Add to it an A Fine Frenzy song in the middle of the movie and you have one hell of a good flick about love and family. Carell should do more films like this. He's so awkward adorable. The soundtrack/film score by indie singer / songwriter Sondre Lerch is commendable too.

i C (br) wrote: 6/10Nice, little movie, nothing special

Reece L (us) wrote: The central character that Entertainment revolves around trades in a very specific, very niche type of intentionally repulsive, absurdist comedy that no one he performs for understands. As a result, he's completely disconnected from the world and the film adopts a tone that accommodates that disconnect; it's extremely bleak, very depressing, and makes it clear that this person has completely isolated himself for the sake of his brand of entertainment. This is by no means a fun piece of filmmaking. As an experience, this kind of thing has its place and for what it is, Entertainment delivers, but it's for about as niche a crowd as the main character's comedy is.

Jennifer T (us) wrote: What an amazing and emotional movie...