Noriko's Dinner Table

A teenager called Noriko Shimabara runs away from her family in Tokoyama, to meet Kumiko, the leader of an Internet BBS, Haikyo.com. She becomes involved with Kumiko's "family circle", ...

. . She becomes involved with Kumiko's "family circle", . com. A teenager called Noriko Shimabara runs away from her family in Tokoyama, to meet Kumiko, the leader of an Internet BBS, Haikyo

Noriko's Dinner Table is the best funny movie of Sion Sono (screenplay), Sion Sono (novel). This movie was introduced in 2005. We can counted many actors in this movies torrent, such as Kazue Fukiishi, Tsugumi, Yuriko Yoshitaka, Shirô Namiki, Sanae Miyata, Yôko Mitsuya, Tamae Andô, Naoko Watanabe, Hiroshi Sakuma, Chihiro Abe, Hanako Onuki, Sora Tôma, Kazumasa Taguchi, Takako Kitagawa, Shingo Ishikawa. Movie' genres are Horror. The rating is 7.2 in www.imdb.com. This is really a good movies torrent. Enjoy this movies torrent and share to your friends . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki

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Users reviews

Al K (it)

ut still an okay movie. . Not one of Disny's best

Cheryl L (ca)

A happier ending but not something I would like to watch again. Some parts I just found stupid A different idea but the movie was dark and quite depressing. However, I liked the suspense throughout, although some parts were left completely unexplained which was a little disappointing. A very strange movie

Colin D (fr)

okay counterculture movie mostly only worth watching for the stellar Pink Floyd soundtrack

Emeka W (fr)

These movies are rare nowadays. Basically your story runaround with everyone having an angle and no clue. Alot of my favorite actors and actresses including the lovely Sean Young

Ina S (br)

Funny, fast, romantic, wonderful shots of Rio. It's hardly like me to give such good ratings to romantic films, but for anyone who loves Rio and Brazil this must be the quintessential love film

Jesse F (es)

Yes it's still inferior to the original. I know everybody hates this movie but I think it's a fun flick to watch if you are intoxicated

Joel M (fr)

The entire movie can be wrapped up in 30mins. 2/10: Too slow and boring to my liking

Joetaeb D (es)

Though Simon Pegg still pleases and there's some laughs to be had, A Fantastic fear of everything is hindered by a terribly overstretched story and unnecessarily long run time that will turn off many before it's over

Kamal H (us)

When a stranger calls, don't answer

Ken S (us)

Birbiglia is shaping up to be a decent filmmaker, and as a fan of his comedy in general, I am glad to see him branching out creatively and successfully so. And that is that the business can be difficult, and it can't happen for everyone. it doesn't feel like the tough elements are heightened, they just are what they are. . . It's not phony in any sense. It is a good movie, well made and as a commentary on the tough realities of show business, it is very realistic in it's portrayal. Mike Birbiglia writes and directs his second feature film (a follow-up to "Sleepwalk With Me") about an improv group that must face the fallout and harsh realities of their careers in comedy after one of their members manages to get a gig on an SNL-style comedy show