Normaal - Ik kom altied weer terug

Normaal - Ik kom altied weer terug


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Normaal - Ik kom altied weer terug torrent reviews

Inna H (ag) wrote: Tough when actors can't act. Makes it painful to watch.

AnnaLisa G (es) wrote: Nice concept, but not enough substance to last an entire movie.

Meshkatul T (fr) wrote: Awsome! Full of fun! A must see movie for engineers!

Sonia Q (br) wrote: slow to start but it was really amazing!

Cody K (gb) wrote: A simple, familiar story that is told with Nichols' lyrical grace and brilliantly acted by Shannon et al. A strong entry in the southern gothic genre that provides a meditation on the boundaries of hate, anger, vengeance, and filial loyalty.

Mandela W (gb) wrote: Many years ago I kept hearing about this new black actress on the scene who killed it in a film called precious. Everywhere I went especially black areas I kept hearing about gabrorey sidbe's incredible performance and monique's for that matter. I finally got around years later to watching Precious based on the novel push by sapphire and I kid you not when I saw I was having to pick my jaw off the floor. Amazing picture that couldn't have been more deserve of the Oscar nod it got in 2010. Clareece "Precious" Jones is a young obese girl living in Harlem, NY with just her mother Mary. The Jones household is an abusive one both physically and psychologically. on top of that she has a child with down syndrome. After getting expelled from her high school precious goes to an alternative one and meets people who help her see a light in at the end of the dark tunnel she is still walking through. the movie is one of triumph pain and of course coming of age.This was maad raw! nothing was held back with this portrayal of an abusive household and life for that matter. The imagery during certain scenes paint a picture of what precious has going on her head each day. the lighting was tremendous it made everything so dim litted and darker. makes it obvious it was done on low budget but it was still pretty cool to see. I really liked the authentic narrative in this from precious. the scene where everything unraveled left me speechless. It has to have been one of the best acted out scenes of 2009. The script overall was tremendous.gabroure sidbe delivers a powerful performance. She plays one of the most unusual roles for woman. an obese young girl lost in the world. you immediately are rooting for her because she has more than the average girl with problems to deal with and you want her to succeed. you are taken on an emotional journey with her and you witness the pain she is in..I was stunned at how much incredibly horrible things were coming out of Mary's mouth. I mean I've seen more evil characters but still like I ended hating Mary so much. For Monique to get that kind of reaction out of me shows how much incredible hidden talent she has when she is working with proper direction from an accomplished director. lee daniels gives us really nice escapism moments with precious that takes out of the cruel reality that she lives in. The juxtaposition and compacted shots he uses are all excellent. Daniels unflinching look into a harsh life in inner city harlem ranks him among the best in black directors, spike Lee's, John Singleton's, the Melvin Van Peeples, the steve mcqueens and so forth. Precious is an amazing stunning picture that one must definitely see

Michael C (nl) wrote: Bad. Very bad. Bland acting. Bad quotes. Bad plot. A new super computer, with a game that looks like it was designed in the early 1990s despite the movie being made in 2008. The 'programmers' of the new system are old men who don't seem to know jack squat. Background sets that clearly look like paintings. Kids routinely make obvious observations about people to show the audience how smart they supposedly are. Even includes a slow speed chase - the kids outrun cars on foot - in a straight line chase. The original WOPR computer also makes a play games and 'teach' the new computer that war is pointless. Same computer quotes are used over and over. Finalizing with the infamous "Strange game. The only way to win is to not play." Ironic, since the only way to win with this movie is to not have watched it.

Jayden (ag) wrote: this is a really good movie i like it=)

Chloe L (ru) wrote: find it not east to understand if not familiar with french history, n it doesnt need to be this long.

Sondre L (gb) wrote: I bunn og grunn den samme filmen som Signs, bare i en ganske annen packaging. Budsjettet er lavt, noe som syns ganske godt innimellom, men det er fortsatt greit nok. Billy Zane er ganske kul i rolla si, spiller bra. Effektene er til tider litt 90-talls-cgi, s bra det ikke er s mange av dem.

Charles L (ru) wrote: Provides a good look at the behind the scenes world of proffesional wrestling.

Spookie M (br) wrote: Directors cut is superior. The film remains a delightfully cheesy entry into the world of Clive Barker.

Robert W (de) wrote: laugh!!! i thought this was a comedy

Mike I (au) wrote: A great horror flick..a little deranged and weird..but is that what horror flicks are....Some awesome death scenes, great specials effects and some good overacting

Paolo K (nl) wrote: This movie is all kinds of fun. Jimmy Stewart is always enjoyable to watch.

Niki L (au) wrote: SO GOOD!!!! A MUST SEE!!

Jamie C (it) wrote: Way better than I thought it would be even made me laugh a few times which most comedies fail to provide now days, Very enjoyable.

Akramul i (nl) wrote: This is a more subtle tone to the western genre. It keeps the action away until the end, but keeps the tone right until that. This can only be done by Howard Hawkes: the man who does a little of everything, and adds different elements together. He added suspense and hints of noir into this, something only he could have thought of and still make it a classic of the genre.