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Navaneet J (us) wrote: T.D. Dasan Std. VI B India/2010/35mm/Colour/98'/ Malayalam Direction, Screenplay: Mohan Raghavan Producer: Paul Vadukumcherry Cinematography: Arun Varma Editing: Vinod Sukumaran Sound: N. Harikumar Music: Sreevalsan J. Menon Cast: Master Alexander, Biju Menon, Jagadish, Suresh Krishna, Mala Aravindan, Swetha Menon, Valsala Menon, Tina Rose Dasan lives with his mother. He does not remember his father who walked out on the family, nor does he know why he left then in this plight. There is the child's desire to see his father, and the beginning is made when he gets a clue from a fragment of paper he finds in his mothers trunk. The wanderings of the boy's mind and the real unravel a world which is a mix of dreams, desires and the present.

Amanda L (fr) wrote: great christmas movie

Fran H (es) wrote: George C. Scott was awesome. It's a wonderful "biopic" of General George Patton. And if you're in the mood for an historic WWII biopic of one of the big-name US generals, this is a great way to spend 3 hours.

Stevie B (jp) wrote: I thought for a B-movie, this could be at least a little fun and when there were 10 minutes left of the movie, it reached me to my breaking point and I turned it off. It was AWFUL! The cinematography is cheap, Arch Hall Jr. SUCKS at everything he tries to do, and it is PAINFULLY boring that it gives you nothing to laugh about.

Ludwik Z (es) wrote: One of best movies that is have ever seen

Meghna P (es) wrote: Predictable ending but nicely done. Thomas Haden Church was brilliant.

Nic M (es) wrote: This movie gave me laughs and brought tears to my eyes. Amazing plot. Great animation. Would recommend to everyone!

Donald W (ca) wrote: This third Superman movie is not as good as the first two. It's more of a Richard Pryor movie than a Superman movie. Richard Pryor plays a computer programmer who strips fraction of cents off the paychecks of the big company employees and puts them in his account. This was based on a real case of computer fraud that took place in the 1960's. It's cool to see all the 1970's era computer hardware they used in this movie. Robert Vaughn plays the head of the large company. When he discovers that Richard Pryor has been stealing from him he blackmails him into programming computers into helping him take over the world. The story gets stupid after this. When the computers try to control the weather Superman comes to the rescue. Robert Vaughn and Richard Pryor use a computer to make some synthetic Kryptonite. They get one of the ingredients wrong and instead of kill Superman they just turn him evil. That sets of a battle the evil/chaotic Superman and the lawful/good Superman. That's the only good part of the movie. The comedy in the movie falls flat. They didn't turn Richard Pryor lose to do his thing. They should have let Pryor write more of the story especially the jokes. Richard Pryor is best in the first five minutes of the movie when his unemployment benefits are cut off. He finds an ad for a computer school and decides to learn computer programming. During the movie Clark Kent goes back to Smallville and hooks up with Lana Lang. They play it more as comedy than a real romance. In the end Richard Pryor turns into a good guy and saves Superman from the Supercomputer programmed to kill him.