Normal Life

Normal Life

Chris Anderson and his wife Pam live a fairly normal life until Chris loses his job on the police force and secretly turns to robbing banks to make his wife's dreams come true. Upon discovering his secret, she joins his deadly crime wave and together they terrorize an unsuspecting suburban town.

Chris is young idealistic cop who falls in love and gets married to Pam, a beautiful but emotionally unstable woman who suffers from alcoholism and drug addiction. While Chris is trying ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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William M (it) wrote: Definitely a "B" grade disaster movie not sure why they make or invest in this type of movie when it will most certainly suck. I did watch it all the way through and it was good for the intended grade of film it was still not something I willingly watch if I knew about it. If you like mediocre acting and a bad script along with 20 year old special effects this is for you :)

David J (es) wrote: Another Step Up, this time with BBC backing. Pretty people and cool dance scenes. Expect no more.

Toni S (au) wrote: I wanted this movie to be better in all sorts of ways. As it is it simply makes me glad I no longer live in New York City!

Tabatha T (br) wrote: This was alot like Saw, and I'm a BIG saw fan so I liked this real well.

Colour Me Katie (gb) wrote: ha I love Lou he's great at what he does

Brooke S (us) wrote: This is my new favorite guilty pleasure. I love movies about strippers because I love the choreography for solo dances (particularly Magic Mike!) and the costumes they wear (one woman wore a live snake!). Demi's dance scene in her bedroom was really cute, I will forever try to imitate that head whip she did with her towel. But is this a good movie? Oh, no. This is awful, and I love it. Burt Reynolds is a riot, the plot is greasy burger bag thin, and the movie is downright wacky in the third act's big chase scene. Nothing makes sense, nothing needs to make sense. Also really great to watch Demi Moore when you are in diet mode... looking at her abs made me want to do guilt crunches. I need to watch this movie drunk and with friends... who is with me?

Gavin P (de) wrote: If the first one was a romantic comedy, I don't know what this is! Boring & stupid, with no laughs at all! George (Martin)'s kid gets pregnant & so does his wife. Simple solution = abortion! 50 year old Nina (Keaton) should not be having a kid! Sorted = no need for rest of the movie.

Malony N M (jp) wrote: always gotta love Chevy Chase even when the movie flops

Michael T (kr) wrote: Jeremy Irons is icily brilliant in this fascinating and intelligent motion picture about the Von Bulow case...

Matt C (it) wrote: This movie is bat shit crazy. pink flamingos on steroids.

Aj V (ca) wrote: Gathering together the universal monsters to get revenge on your enemies sounds like a good plan, but if you think about it for a while you will realize that that's just stupid. The writers of this movie didn't think that long about it unfortunately.

Alessandro S (au) wrote: Cutting two thirds of the movie to make it into a short documentary in Imax without excessive gibberish would have been a smart move... But maybe I just did not like it because I saw it right after the splendid 'Happy people'

Fernando G (de) wrote: I don't know what those critics had to complain about. The movie was excellent!!!!!!!!! I am only sorry it stayed in the theaters such a little time since I want to see it again and now have to go far from my residence to see it again. The way it ambles through a glow of prospective joy to a subtle gloom and then to an abyss of emotional darkness only to see the way Effie Gray glimmers with hope in the end was absolutely exquisite. Way to go, Emma Thompson!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

David J (nl) wrote: Flatliners has an intriguing premise and effectively creepy atmosphere. Its execution was a bit sloppy and confused, but the movie was satisfactory overall.

Doug M (ag) wrote: Still a long way off, but I can't wait to see Pacino and De Niro back on screen together.