A teenager pretends to be dying from cancer as a way to cope with the realities of his daily existence and his father's terminal illness.

A troubled high-school kid pretending to be dying of cancer confronts problems with his new girlfriend and terminally ill father as he struggles with his daily existence. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Amilcar A (ru) wrote: I really need to revisit my strategy of watching art movies on Sunday night. While I usually leave the theater pleased about what I just watched, I'm also depressed, anguished and even more misanthropic that I already am.The rocket is a very good movie about people with nothing except hope, family and traditions. The poor bastards get displaced from their village so a giant dam can be built and they are essentially sent to to a slum with nothing but scrap metal to build shacks. In the meantime they travel a war-beaten countryside, they suffer tragically and lose what little they had. However, in spite of all this desolation, poverty and despair, there is plenty of positive thinking, affection and ultimately redemption.The main story is really only the vessel to walk you through the shithole that is Laos after it has been exploited, bombed and governed ruthlessly. The Rocket is a great little independent film. I'm not sure it will win the Oscar but it could.

Greg (gb) wrote: Conan the Barbarian rip off

Senor C (ru) wrote: Growing up I used to get excited as shit whenever they had a free Super Channel weekend. What that is was the Canadian pay TV channel for free for about 2 & a half day. I used to highlight the TV guild for all the movies that I wanted to see. This is where I originally saw Flashpoint. It's been @ least 25 years since Ive seen & this movies is still barely talked about. That's too bad because it's fucking good. I think that it falls victim like many of Treat Williams movies that they suffer box office death only to try to find a life on pay TV. Williams has never been a great box office draw that Im surprised that he still has a career after all these years. Flashpoint is another under appreciated film of his. In fact it's another great film for Kris Kristofferson. These 2 actors don't get the respect the rightly deserve. Nobody in this film does. Hell Kurtwood Smith is a fantastic son of a bitch here & nobody made note of his career until he was cast as Red Forman in That 70's Show

Cain L (us) wrote: Though some continuity errors,and very jarring and distorted beginning, it battle scenes and great performances make the best of this film.

Eliabeth M (de) wrote: This movie was an excellent documentary on the war in Vietnam. It is graphic, but it explains so much and tells us everything that happened to those poor people. Also the personal application of some of the soldiers added to the extreme chaos, and gives us a better understanding because they were there.

Denise P (ca) wrote: A cozy, nostalgic and masterfully suspenseful installment in the soon-to-be-reckoned-with horror genre, Psycho is undoubtedly memorable for its well-edited shower scene and shocking twist, but what makes it endure as an everlasting classic is Anthony Perkins and his boyish charm in the role of the the self-titled psychopath.

Michael A (jp) wrote: Tends to get a bit preachy towards the end but it doesn't lessen what comes before it.

Alex M (de) wrote: A friend of mine and I go to see a movie during work every year and this year (2016), he recommended that we go see "The Purge: Election Year". I told him that I hadn't seen any of the previous "Purge " movies and had no interest in seeing them. He convinced me that I should give them a chance so I decided to watch the first two movies."The Purge" was a huge disappointment. While the premise of the movie was mildly interesting, the characters in the movie were terribly written, cartoonish, and silly. I wasn't even remotely scared as there was no real tension in the movie. I like both Ethan Hawke and Lena Headey as actors but there talents were wasted in this movie.This movie is a complete waste of time and after conveying my disappointment to my friend, he convinced me that the sequel was much better. I have decided to give it a chance to try and wipe "The Purge" shit sandwich out of my mind.