Norrmalmstorgsdramat inifrån

Norrmalmstorgsdramat inifrån


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Norrmalmstorgsdramat inifrån torrent reviews

Giovanni T (au) wrote: Sucks ,boring , stink .,

charlie h (ca) wrote: spose it lluks alrite

Jess L (mx) wrote: Wow, certainly one of the more different and unusual movies I have seen in a long time. When this first started I was pretty close to turning it off. The opening scenes in which the renegade cinema workers kidnap the Hollywood starlette were just too damn cringe worthy. That said, once the premise is established this movie turned out to be one hell of a fun ride. In true John Waters style, the humour is not for everyone, but from Maggie Gyllenhaal's Satan worshipping character, to the ridiculous finale in which Melanie Griffith's character sets her hair alight, this film kept the laughs coming. It's also an interesting look at the issue of mainstream cinema and although these characters took it to the extreme, it raises questions of why the public don't demand more from film as both entertainment and as something more. Great black comedy with interesting script, well structured story and hilarious dialogue, and very memorable characters.

Jessica D (it) wrote: I really liked this movie. It was however a bit on the quirky side.

bill s (it) wrote: Where's the Cheessy camp that made the TV series so good.....lost in this movie's space it seems.

Thomas P (us) wrote: Lacking consistent drama, it doesn't translate well on-screen from the great concept and the subtle performances of Irons dual roles as twin gynecologists.As the twin leads, he's too cold and subtle in both roles to be relatable to the audience, altho he pours himself consistently and distinctly into each brother.It's a cerebral story with only mildly developed relationships, despite the pervasive creepiness and the threat of gore and horror throughout.The brevity of the first 20 mins also gets lost when the over-serious psycho-drama takes over. It completely lost my interest about half way thru.The creepiness goes flat and never turns into actual suspense, so not even the final 'shocks' could resuscitate my interest and left me rather cold.The sum of the parts never quite comes to life as a whole. It winds up DOA..2.5 of 5 homemade surgical devices

Nick M (kr) wrote: Malcolm McDowell stars as H.G. Wells. He builds a working time machine. Jack the Ripper steals it and escapes to San Francisco in 1979 and Wells chases after him in an attempt to bring him to justice. If this plot intrigues you at all, then it's probably worth a watch. McDowell is great as Wells. The movie is fun, if a bit dated. It runs a little longer than it needs to at almost 2 hours, but it's enjoyable enough.

Edgar C (au) wrote: "Mass manipulation" is a tough word, but in some cases it correctly applies. During the presidency of Luis Echeverra (1970-1976), a significantly major cinematographic freedom was given to the industry and censorship regarding sensitive sociopolitical questionings came to a stop. Felipe Cazals, Jorge Fons and Jaime Humberto Hermosillo were the men that raised from the ashes and spoke out loud. The role of Cazals was daring.In what may be his (first?, second?) best film, government is confronted through eyes of hypocrisy and, indeed, manipulation. It is a brutal reflection about the weight of the social and political power of the Church in society, and about the strong use of religious and anticommunist ideologies in times of harshness and inner turmoil and confusion. But Cazals is intelligent. he never forgot about the rural heart. That is why he introduces us the town of San Miguel de Canoa in a faithful documentary style, and shows us his internal conflicts as well. Judging acts is very difficult when we do not consider what is behind the curtain, AND WE ALMOST NEVER SEE WHAT IS BEHIND THE CURTAIN!!!95/100

Jeff B (fr) wrote: Entertaining comedy drama starring Edward Albert as a blind man who is trying to get away from his mother and try to live on his own. Goldie Hawn lives next to him and of course they start a relationship. Some enjoyable moments, Hawn was great in the film, so young, and I really loved Eileen Heckart in her Oscar winning role as Albert's mother. It's pretty obvious what's gonna happen from the start of the film, but it's easy to get through. Albert and Hawn are great together.

Sean W (us) wrote: A colorful drama that goes behind the scenes of making a movie.

Joo V (es) wrote: Um filme enorme! Em todos os sentidos. "E Tudo o Vento Levou" tem uma atmosfera realmente pica e personagens memorveis, alm de citaes clssicas. A minha favorita de Clark Gable: "Frankly my dear, I don't give a damn". Penso que se trata de um daqueles filmes que todos devem ver pelo menos uma vez na vida, embora no me sinta impelido a v-lo novamente num futuro prximo. Acompanhando a histria de perto, chegamos ao fim exaustos.

Gregory W (ca) wrote: I love this team one of their best

Marcie F (au) wrote: was a very good movie , very emotional

Chris W (es) wrote: Exciting, edge of your seat thrill ride. Beautifully done and definitely caught by surprise several times. Would watch again