Northern Soul

Northern Soul

Set in 1974, an authentic and uplifting tale of two friends whose horizons are opened up by the discovery of black American soul music.

The movie is about two guys named Matt and John. They aren’t satisfied with their lives anymore so they leave their lives and their jobs behind to chase a dream of travelling to the US. The journey forces them to face with rivalry, violence and drug and other difficulty. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Northern Soul torrent reviews

Gregg P (au) wrote: Fascinating, amusing, deeply affecting. Wonderful film.

Sean D (gb) wrote: I came away from this movie with a new respect for the power of love... or was it sex? I was pretty much in a laughing rage the entire film! Dane Cook is amazingly funny and Jessica Alba is an amazing actress and SO HOT! all of the above

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Nicolas E (ru) wrote: nice strange romantic movie

Akash (br) wrote: A romantic comedy with tragic course yet happy ending with spices of fantasy! Not bad! Neither great.

keith s (jp) wrote: Imagine if the early 1990s pop culture vomited everywhere, you would get something about like "Double Dragon". I did like the steroid-using mutant who busts through his shirt - that was probably the most redeeming quality of this whole movie.

RA L (ag) wrote: LETTERBOX. La poesa de esta pelcula es increble y se sustenta en la simpleza de sus paisajes escnicos y emocionales. Pierde un poco el ritmo durante el ltimo tercio, pero el final es sobrecogedor. / The poetry of this film is incredible and rests upoin the simplicity of its scenic and emotional landscapes. Loses a bit of its rhythm during the last third, but the ending is overpowering.

Warren M (nl) wrote: Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home sends the USS Enterprise back in time to 1986 San Francisco. This is an idea that shouldn't have worked, but it totally did. It gives the movie an attention-worthy narrative, a few strong supporting allies, and some surprising intelligent humor.

Steve B (es) wrote: The best off the Carry on's. The team where at there best when doing the historic romps.

Addison P (br) wrote: Was a dumb and plain movie, is a worst case scenario. Always need to be prepared when going out into the desert.

LipsLikeMorphine (es) wrote: One of the funniest vampire movies ive seen.

Scott A (es) wrote: In High School I got the role of the Sheriff in my first musical. Bit part, but I wanted to see the film to see how they did it you know?The movie is a pretty straight movie version of the stage. The cast is decent, but the songs here are what makes the movie. It's always funny after nearly twenty years I can still remember almost every song and whenever I see this on TV I have to watch and sing a long.Steiger is really creepy in this.

Edith N (jp) wrote: Power of a Really Lousy Soundtrack Okay. So I get that it's one way of making a species really alien. You come up with things that are poisonous to them which are commonplace to us. Differing chemical reactions for different species, right? So okay. The Newcomers get drunk on sour milk. I guess I can go there. The idea that they're really resistant to methane? Sure. Especially if you're going to go with the idea that they were specifically bred to be adaptable. However, that would almost certainly mitigate against their one great weakness, the thing which burns them like acid. M. Knight Shyamalan came up with part of the problem in [i]Signs[/i]--it was silly to have the aliens be allergic or whatever to water, because there's a great deal of water not just on Earth but, you know, in the universe. It's an easy compound to form. Similarly, and the problem here, is that salt is just two elements combined. I'm pretty sure it's way too common to be a reasonable poison. Some years ago, about the time the movie was made, the Newcomers came to Earth. It is now The Future, 1991, and the Newcomers are assimilating into Southern California as immigrants have been doing for hundreds of years. (Some better than others; ask the Chumash.) Detective Sergeant Matthew Sykes (the odious James Caan) and his partner, I. M. Doomed (Roger Aaron Brown), witness a run-of-the-mill robbery, only this time, Doomed gets killed in an event of Newcomer-on-Newcomer violence. This is so that Sykes can end up with a Newcomer partner. Which we knew would happen, because it's on the poster. Anyway, Sykes is taken off the convenience store case, the killing of his partner, as ought to happen. He volunteers to be partnered with "Sam Francisco" (the totally non-odious Mandy Patinkin), whom he renames George because he can't face the introductions. They are investigating a different murder; it's not as though there's only one murder in Los Angeles per night. But this one, of course, connects back. Okay. There are a few things I like about this movie, at least one of which was also explored in [i]District 9[/i]. Yes, here, we're talking humanoid aliens. However, we're talking humanoid aliens who have no control over or understanding of their own technology. They're a minority; no, they're not a small enough minority to be absorbed into Los Angeles almost unnoticed, but there are supposed to be 300,000 of them. Compared to even just the population of Los Angeles, even just the City of instead of the Greater Area, that's not a majority. It's a pretty hefty minority, but not the biggest by any stretch. And so there are prejudices and hatred and fear and so forth. Well done. George makes detective, let's face it, on an affirmative action program. And while Roger doesn't, I do understand why they've given them "funny names." It's a finely drawn detail in a cloudy movie, in fact--the names were given to them by humans who were running out and were amusing themselves. On the other hand, I do agree with Roger that they didn't really do much with the concept. I watched an episode or two of the TV show, but it didn't seem to think much, either. (I have one of the tie-in novels, and that's got some interesting stuff--but I'm missing a lot of what happened in the TV show and which is relevant.) Let's leave aside the saltwater thing real quick, shall we? There are still a lot of other differences which are important. George mentions in passing that his species cannot process cooked meat. That's one of the best parts of the movie; here is information about the Newcomers which is mentioned but not pointed out as a Huge Difference You Should Notice. The sour milk thing; how would food production change with the Newcomer arrival? George's family essentially doesn't make it onscreen at all. There's a drug, but isn't there always? There is nothing here which couldn't be any other minority group. The plot is interchangeable. Which is not to say Dwelling on the Alien is necessarily the best way to go. But honestly, I'm not even sure the new partner would have to be a minority. A rookie. Someone the guy has some reason to dislike or distrust or both. Someone Killed His Partner, and He's Looking for Revenge. If it's true that there are only seven plots, this is one of them. I think Joseph Campbell talked about it at one point. There's nothing interesting here. Really, it's a lot like the mediocre noirs I don't write reviews of. I watch them because it's a genre I like with some real gems, and every time, I hope I've found one. More often than not, I'm disappointed. Most of them, if I reviewed them, would rate at about a five or a six, which is why I don't usually bother to review them. They're just terribly neutral. Similarly, the only thing which makes this movie different from dozens of others, maybe hundreds, is some pretty impressive makeup.