"We are all angels. It is what we do with our wings that separates us." In the next two days, the town of Northfork will cease to exist. The year is 1955 and Northfork is literally about to be "dammed," flooded to make way for a new hydroelectric project.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:103 minutes
  • Release:2003
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:snow,   artist,   surrealism,  

Northfork is a fantasy film by director Michael Polish. The film takes place in 1955 when the residents of a small Montana community are forced to move their homes to make way for a new massive hydroelectric dam, which will flood the entire village. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Denise A (au) wrote: Amei... I love this movie...

Nancy C (ag) wrote: Despite some unrealistic dialog, actually an interesting, unusual film.

Mia M (es) wrote: the best movie bc it has chris Brown and bc it has chrismas

Radek C (mx) wrote: Kryzys polskiego domowstwa. Przera 1/ historia rozpadu rodziny: problemy finansowe, brak satysfakcji, nieudane po 1/4ycie ma, 1/4enskie... wszystko to prowadzi do dramatycznego fina,u.

Raji K (mx) wrote: Small town comedies can really hit the spot when done correctly (Ground Hog Day, Mystic Pizza) and here we have the film Welcome to Mooseport. Recently retired president Monroe Cole (Gene Hackman) has decided to make Mooseport his new home. He is asked to be the honorary mayor of the small town and he happily accepts. Only problem is he has a rival candidate in his way in local Handy (Ray Romano). The two begin their separate campaigns for office and nobody is safe. Mooseport was pretty awful and did not have to many funny moments or redeeming characters. Even fans of Romano or Hackman can miss this film.

William T (jp) wrote: The film fades from black and opens like eyesight coming into focus for the first time. As fine art continues to fade in and out, a motif evocative of bursted capillaries takes over. This is Dancer in the Dark, a film by Lars Von Trier about Selma, a foreign immigrant woman in 1960s Washington State who loves movie musicals but is slowly going blind. The film is a musical itself, but a very unconventional one. It's not the glamorous romp that Selma sees on the big screen. Instead, it's a rough around the edges look at escapism and perceived Americana that showcases the contrast of how we use sight, sound and imagination to get through our everyday lives.Most of the movie looks more like a documentary, very much like real life. It's so unpolished that it seems like improv, like everything is being made up on the fly or that the camera is just capturing these real, personal events. Of course as the story continues you know that everything is indeed planned and once you get to the first musical number, which doesn't happen until nearly 40 minutes in, everything is actually specifically choreographed. While these real life moments were filmed with what seems to be a single handheld camera, the musical moments become dreamlike and are shot with over 100 digital cameras placed around the location to catch every move from every angle. This footage was then edited to give a sense of stability within Selma's mind, standing out from her otherwise rocky life. It's quite ingenious.The cast is filled with actors' actors that each bring truth to their characters no matter how big or small the role is. Veteran actress Catherine Denueve is abrasive but supportive as Selma's friend and coworker, Peter Stormare is sympathetic as a man after Selma's affection and David Morse really pushes the film to new points as Selma's neighbor and landlord. Cara Seymour, Siobhan Fallon, Udo Kier, Stellan Skarsgrd, Vladica Kostic and Joel Grey are all also in smaller roles, though still as equally important to the film. Icelandic singer Bjrk, who has a limited experience with acting, stars as Selma herself and brings veracity, sincerity and an incredibly raw experience to the character.Selma struggles between being a woman of her word, holding her ground and simultaneously feeling helpless. She's dealing with her own personal burdens, being a single mother trying to give her son a future he can see, and the burdens given to her by others, being a friend in a position where she doesn't have much of a choice to make. Many might question why Selma doesn't take the easy road through her situation, but that's just the point. She is so innocent and her moral convictions are so strong that she never even feels the need to. It might seem like an unrealistic decision to make, but it's only as unrealistic as any other movie musical, just in the opposite direction.Dancer in the Dark completes Von Trier's Golden Hearts Trilogy of films in which the heroine remains nave despite her experiences. It should also be noted that the Danish director's view of vintage America is a view from afar as the director has very rarely if ever even been to America and the film was shot in Denmark. The portrayal here of small town American living and the American justice system are skewed and exaggerated, a bit simple but still unsurprising. It's a heartbreaking and unsettling film that you will assuredly not clap for at the end, as you might a usual musical, despite whether you appreciate it or not.

Clay B (au) wrote: BLESS THE CHILD (2000)

Sohail P (kr) wrote: An all time movie but only for the people with taste.

David J (it) wrote: One of the best science fiction films of the '90s, Dark City is an unforgettable experience.

HungYa L (br) wrote: Such a brilliant sci-fi and it was my own childhood cult movie! Knew of James Spader since and he is still big today!!