'Northwest Passage' (Book I -- Rogers' Rangers)

'Northwest Passage' (Book I -- Rogers' Rangers)

Langdon Towne and Hunk Marriner join Major Rogers' Rangers as they wipe out an Indian village. They set out for Fort Wentworth, but when they arrive they find no soldiers and none of the supplies they expected. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


'Northwest Passage' (Book I -- Rogers' Rangers) torrent reviews

Randy Y (kr) wrote: So cliched and exaggerated... all the Whooos! and Arrrghs! in place for a battle film. Zero character development, basic plot. There are some decent effects, but really that's all that makes the film bearable. The movie started out like a video game intro, then some fancy visuals, and finally tried to put together a movie.

bill b (jp) wrote: WTF was that???I really do not know how to judge this film...Is it a masterpiece or is it just stupid?Thin line....need to watch it again and again

Paolo D (de) wrote: Slow moving film, but intriguing characters and artful performances keep you engaged.

Jacalyn T (jp) wrote: One of our favorites. Guaranteed to lift the spirits. Clever writing. Top notch performances. Steve Zahn's best work.

SFG 7 (jp) wrote: "A dream can make all the difference under the sun."

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'Northwest Passage' (Book I -- Rogers' Rangers) torrent

'Northwest Passage' (Book I -- Rogers' Rangers) full movie'Northwest Passage' (Book I -- Rogers' Rangers) (1940) torrent