Nós Que Aqui Estamos por Vós Esperamos

Nós Que Aqui Estamos por Vós Esperamos


Documentary inspired by Eric Hobsbaum's bestseller The Age of Extremes. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Len M (it) wrote: It's a great concept, but poorly executed. the "interactive" parts seem thrown in. as if to say "oops, we haven't done one of these in a while...better drop one here". Also, whomever did the subtitling work is clearly not a native English speaking person, because the translations seem literal and not interpretive, so what you see on the screen often makes no sense whatsoever! I had great hopes for this movie and went to great lengths to see it, but I just can't justify better than the 'meh' rating I gave it. I hope that more movies that use modern day technology are made, but they need to learn what not to do from this fledgling effort.

Wiebke K (ru) wrote: This movie is a bit on the depressing side (rural South Jutland, need I say more...), but the story is quite clever, and at times it has a definite Western feel about it.

Paul C (us) wrote: This is well animated, but unless you buy into the Bollywood world (and the real world populated by talking dogs), there's not much there.

Devonte S (ru) wrote: This Is A Decent Movie Me & My Boy Grabbed , it is something to watch I agree!

Nathan T (ca) wrote: sometimes it sucks that i work at the movie theatre...

Barcelino B (nl) wrote: GUEEY, que pedo con el titulo!!! XD

Mariah L (ca) wrote: Decent movie I saw ._.

Ross L (de) wrote: Hulk, I mean Rip, is so much more than a pile of muscles. He is a caring brother to crippled Randy, he's romantic and a hero to his damsel in distress and he even show a little fear in the face of the human monster Zeus (who is the scariest man alive). This movie showcased The Hulk as a well rounded actor... and that he can body slam a 300 lb man. This movie is AWESOME! Go see it and you will be better for it. Just don't expect to feel smarter at the end. 2009 movies: 49

Ryan H (au) wrote: Obscure German films, that's for me alright.

Bill B (nl) wrote: Had to finally break the seal on the Corman Nurses set, and gave this one a spin since I think it was the first of the four films included. It was a decent little soap opera-esque watch, but I was pretty surprised to find that the nurses involved have very little to actually do with one another int he film, as they're rarely at the damned hospital.Decent watch, give it a rental.

Michael T (gb) wrote: Before he started writing hip urban crime dramas, Elmore Leonard wrote western novels that were very gritty and often dealt with the theme of racism. Burt Lancaster is a somewhat unlikely Mexican-American deputy-constable who takes on John Cypher and his gang of pistoleros. Cypher is a racist (most of his hired guns are Mexicans whome he feels superior to) and he underestimates the easy-going Bob Valdez who was once in the U.S. Army and "hunted" Apaches until "he learned not to." Worth watching.

Michael R (us) wrote: An excellent western.

Kevin N (au) wrote: Visually it's pretty sloppy, but Melville's early heist film did a number on the potentiality of the crime genre and is arguably the earliest instance of the French New Wave. It's most notable for its super-cool title character, played by Roger Duchesne, who strikes a fascinating medium between naughty and nice; luckily, Melville is careful to never tip the scale one way or another, even in the film's inevitable conclusion. The story is interesting enough, but it's one that would be done again and again far better later in Melville's career, and for that it's easier to see it as a kind of warm-up exercise. Certain scenes play out like rough sketches, and though they don't always work the way they should they at least hint at some greater genius and always leave us dying to see more.

Ayrton Anthony C (ru) wrote: Puntaje Original: 7.0No llega a ser mejor que el libro. Si bien Hitchcock nos ofrece nuevos ingredientes y en cierto modo funciona el no ser del todo fiel al libro, en s pierde esencia en cuanto a misterio y juegos psicolgicos.

Steven R (jp) wrote: i cant wait to see it but hope it is better than it was back in the 80s

Felipe I (fr) wrote: How green was my valley then...

Kyle B (it) wrote: An interesting biopic with a good performance from Liam Neeson and a great one from Alan Rickman. Great battle scenes