Nosferato in Brazil

Nosferato in Brazil


  • Category:Horror
  • Stars:
  • Uploader:Chich1Phat
  • Country:USA
  • Director:Ivan Cardoso
  • Writer:N/A

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Nosferato in Brazil torrent reviews

Erin C (au) wrote: Fairly predictable, but not bad.

Matt R (ru) wrote: Japanese horror with the standard long dark haired creepy woman present... we've had a cursed video tape, now a cursed video clip... ok, not bad, not for all tastes.

Justin M (es) wrote: I think the doc should be more about the fact that Corporations like Chevron buy up all the companies offering Biodiesal. We have been bludgeoned with articles and docs about the use of oil around the world it being in short supply.

Miranda S (kr) wrote: The prisoner's statement to the court concerning his behavior was so cogent and profound that I wish it could be carved in letters of fire over the heads of every prosecutor and judge in the world.

Kim W (nl) wrote: I haven't seen "L'Auberge Espagnole", but this movie was ok on it's own. The story was alright, but I'd say my favorite part was that there were at least 3 different languages spoken throughout the movie. :)

Deb S (fr) wrote: Ed Burns is Jake, the leader of a band of con men who rips off a mob boss (played by Dustin Hoffman). Now to pay back Hoffman, they have to try and con one of the most important people in the city. Rachel Weisz plays the street thief Burns takes under his wing who serves as bait. Paul Giamatti is great as Burn's cohort and Andy Garcia has a nice bit as a grungy, yet ruthless federal agent.

MarcAntoine D (it) wrote: One of the most perfectly balanced movies I have seen in a while: funny, well-paced, and often sadly poignant.

Nathaniel B (us) wrote: Couldn't take my eyes off the screen, and though consistency of acting quality isn't the highest it could be, this film is solid. Aside from the exceptional choreography of course, the music is strikingly well done, as well as a grounding, efficient performance by John Hawkes. Bravo.

Tolga G (it) wrote: One of my favorite of all time

Private U (ag) wrote: This is a really good movie about life after the vietnam war. I have always enjoyed watching this movie, it gives a perspective that is often not portrayed in hollywood. Its very real, and has always struck a cord with me.

Rob G (us) wrote: When this movie was developed there was little to none stop animation being done... this was ground breaking & it's charm lies in its era based humour & slapstick routines & the amazing cast of A Listers,who at the time lent their voices to the characters & this charming and approachable horror flick :)

Scott S (us) wrote: Saw this on Netflix...Pretty good watch....Natalie is great!