Nosferatu the Vampyre

Nosferatu the Vampyre

Jonathan Harker is sent away to Count Dracula's castle to sell him a house in Virna, where he lives. But Count Dracula is a vampire, an undead ghoul living of men's blood. Inspired by a photograph of Lucy Harker, Dracula moves to Virna, bringing with him death and plague. An unusually contemplative version of Dracula, in which the vampire bears the cross of not being able to get old and die.

A horror about the lonely Count Daracula - the blood-sucking nobleman attempting to spread his influence all over the world. The Dracula does not expect to be prevented from continuing his demonic practices by a woman named Lucy Harker... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Nosferatu the Vampyre torrent reviews

Gaspar O (gb) wrote: Visually enthralling and disturbingly cute, this is another home run in the Tinker Bell franchise. Minus a half star for being so short. Is it bad to have impure thoughts about a cartoon character?

Andy G (de) wrote: The Who are easily one of my fave bands, so a documentary on arguably the greatest live band of all time automatically scores points for me. More than that, however, Amazing Journey is constructed very well; as good as The Kids are Alright is, it lacks the sense of structure that AJ offers. Also, this chronicles the band up to the present day, through interviews conducted specifically for the documentary rather than TKAA's random interview footage. The only downside is that there is barely anything said regarding bassist extraordinaire John Entwistle, from his own mouth or from bandmates. Considering his untimely death, however, that's just a minor gripe.If I wanted to watch the Who in action, then I'd go for the also fantastic doc The Kids are Alright. However, if I wanted to learn more about the band, its music, and its history, then I'd definitely go for this fine film.

Mathilde P (jp) wrote: Lenteur opiace.. Garrel & Hesme forment un trs joli couple..

Joshua L (gb) wrote: It just wasn't interesting to me.

Nicols R (mx) wrote: Fenomenal film. This movie is not confusing but intriguing which requires you to pay alot of attention. It is much smarter than most action movies with phenomenal direction and a great character in Ethan Hunt with great performances from everyone. The action is top notch but as exciting as when the plot continues to unfold. The pacing is perfect and it never drags. The impossible (roll credits) heist is tension filled edge od your seat ride. This may not be suited for younger viewers because of the close attention that need to be payed and for people who just want to eat popcorn and watch 2 hours of explosions. Nevertheless is you love an interesting story with great ideas which is tension filled and has awesome action scenes and great dialogue or just a movie lover this is a must watch. Only flaw is that it isn't for everyone but if it is for you.... Your in for a treat.

ROBERT M (nl) wrote: Yes, a real stinker. But it does have it's moments. Steve Martin alone does a good job in a meaningless ramble of a comedy. It's almost like there is no script and this great ensemble cast is just "winging it". The sophomoric soundtrack is just a bad collection of bad Christmas songs. Two stars is generous.

probowl 4 (it) wrote: One of the best from Adam Sandler and co. during the 2000's. This comedy, with a rom-com like feel to it, certainly has it's moments of hilarity. Nods to both Rob Schneider and Sean Astin who give some memorable lines in their respective supportive roles. '50 First Dates' succeeds to it's comedic moments, chemistry between Sandler/Barrymore, and it's romantic type feel without being overly schmaltzy/clichd.

Lori A (gb) wrote: Just saw Decoding Annie Parker last night at a sold out screening I organized in Indianapolis. The audience was filled with people whose lives have been touched by hereditary cancer. Loud applause at the end, and many thanked me for helping bring it to town. Samantha Morton's acting is seamless and totally believable. Her character, Annie, is a remarkable woman and this film did her justice. I liked the moves back and forth between the stories. One is warm and moving, the other is tedious and, yes, frustrating. I know cancer all too well and I know research (especially before computers) and both were portrayed realistically. There was humor, but in good taste. So many talented actors graced the screen without overpowering Annie, my hero. I may owe my life to Dr King's discoveries, so this film is truly important to me. Letting the world know about this important work and the 'citizen scientists' like Annie who play key roles today in any genetic research makes it worth a wider distribution. True stories always are worth sharing, especially when told so well

Bradley W (ca) wrote: Mindnumbing. Overrated. Fury Road is a grotesque, dust-bowl carnage, sustained by the ecstatic, theological riff to "Valhalla!" Beyond that, this film's succinct and albeit original narrative has little else to say.