Nosferatu. Uzhas nochi

Nosferatu. Uzhas nochi

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Ian E (nl) wrote: There are no funny jokes nor any originality in its rather monotonously dull plot. "Collision Course" only proves that the Ice Age franchise has reached its devastating low point and no longer relevant.

Paul C (ca) wrote: Very much "of its era", but still worth a watch, especially for Dennis Hopper's performance

Private U (kr) wrote: chevy chase AND benji. cinematic genius! haha...i liked it as a kid and i am sure i would like it today

Julie K (us) wrote: worst movie ever made? quite possibly so. terrible acting (Mickey Rourke, Adrien Brody, 2Pac - everyone but the Vietnam vet brother). terrible camera work. terrible script. just terrible. no amount of narcotics could make this movie watchable.

Andujar C (nl) wrote: John Russell is the half breed rejected by white society, but when the chips are down everyone follows his lead because he can "cut it." Russell is the anti-hero who sees people and events exactly the way they are instead of the way they should be, but ultimately the morals of the society that rejected him force him into a confrontation that he can't escape alive.

Jason K (it) wrote: what seemed like a revenge ex cop action movie quickly turns into some ra ra terrorist movie will all the same plot points, story, and ending that we've seen a bazillion times.

David S (de) wrote: I'm not entirely sure what it is because I usually love these kind of films, but Traitor was a little different. It seemed the story dragged a bit and at times I was sitting there asking what is the point of all this? I was very interested in it and through out it just started to lose steam. These type of films that deal with espionage and war usually wrap me up in the movie so much, it just didn't happen. Cheadle and Guy Pearce were good, Pearce's partner not so much. The rest of the cast was just alright. I'm not saying this is a bad movie because some speak highly about it, it just didn't fulfill my expectations.

Joo P (ca) wrote: For the fans, Alvin and The Chipmunks: Road Trip is funny, colorful, exciting and entertainment for the whole family. Plus: The music still good. (3/5)