Nosotros, los pobres

Nosotros, los pobres

Two kids take a book from a trash can. They begin to read the story of a poor neighborhood in Mexico City. Carpenter Pepe "El Toro" (Infante) lives with his daughter Chachita (Munoz) and ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Nosotros, los pobres torrent reviews

Jimmy H (br) wrote: An intimate and quick (and I mean quick) look into Romney's family lives in this doc which spans many years.

Andreia B (it) wrote: It was good, as expected from a Jackie Chan movie

Jay C (ru) wrote: [2013-3-24] Watching 2 naked lesies in a room for almost 2 hrs is the most stupid thing I've ever done.

Alex S (us) wrote: An interwoven web of stories and characters, somewhat stereotypical, but cute and fun to watch.

Mi F (ru) wrote: Hands down one of the creepiest tales ever spun.

Clare W (br) wrote: Glenn Miller and His Orchestra: excellent. Everything else: Pretty much rubbish.

Connor E (nl) wrote: A wonderful message throughout

Brandon P (jp) wrote: Not a bad mindless popcorn flick