Nostradamus: 2012

Nostradamus: 2012

Documentary about Nostradamus's quatrains.

Nostradamus' prophecies are interpreted alongside messages from ancient cultures about galactic alignment and the end of the world. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Nostradamus: 2012 torrent reviews

Kinohi N (kr) wrote: Blood Orange's score is the best thing about this movie.

Kirthanah R (jp) wrote: nice movie...comedy...vadivelu,surya ang\d nayantthara

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Brody M (us) wrote: Good movie.I guess there was suppose to be some kinda religious meaning behind it but I didnt get it cause Im not religious

Garrett (ru) wrote: There's nothing particularly wrong with In The Time Of The Butterflies, as it's technically sound. The dialogue is stilited, however, though again there's nothing fundamentally wrong with the method. It simply feels like there could have been much more to it, more intensity, especially considering its subject matter.

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