Not a Love Story

Not a Love Story

In the summer of 2008 Two lovers committed a crime and decided to hide it from everyone but soon the truth was found which changed their lives forever.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:2011
  • Language:Hindi,Marathi,English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:murder,   love,   sex,  

An aspiring movie actress and her boyfriend are arrested and charged with Homicide. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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KL W (br) wrote: I absolutely love this movie. Action.packed, funny, quirky, no other movie like it.

Karen N (es) wrote: Interesting view of the upper class, but overall it was kinda dull.

Princess S (de) wrote: Kinda boring actually

WS W (es) wrote: This was one of those festive movies which you dun really care much 'bout good or bad. And here, Vince Vaughn is once again the one & only who drew you in.

Ryan B (au) wrote: In the same vein of his other films. Daughter gets kidknapped, Seagal kicks some ass and gets her back. No real shocks.

Robert R (nl) wrote: "Sleepy Hollow's" pacing may be a bit too off-kilter at times, but its hard to deny the visual majesty at hand, thanks in no small part to the creative talents of Tim Burton and Emmanuel Lubezki.

christian l (au) wrote: this move is brillent because the scene where qui jon is trying to suduce watto is reminensent of the iraqi war because watto is a muslum and quigon is the usa and trying to influince watto through capitalisum lol its a joke

Michael M (es) wrote: Just as good as the original. Pesci's character wasn't as over the top in part 2.

Lee B (au) wrote: Suspense and horror movies from the late 70s and early 80s really suffer from their sense of fashion and pop music score, don?t they. This movie was one that my older sisters got when I was a little one and I didn?t make it through it. Now, I had seen worse horror movies before this age ? I had to sit through The Shining when I was in Kindergarten, though at least I was at home so the sound wasn?t overwhelming. But this one, I guess, was just too psychological for me to get.So I watched it again recently to expose my wife to a young Brosnan, though a bearded one which isn?t her taste. And although this movie is creepy and has a good story, it is a slave to the time, which makes it suffer. The effects of this dilute it too much. But a nice story to get through.

Jason D (ru) wrote: Deliciously kinky and debauched romance of S&M proportions, set in a vaguely European but also very American, dictatorial Principality (think Lick-My-Stein, more than Liechtenstein) that sees Convent Girl Gloria Swanson go to the bad when her knickers fall down in front of horny Prince Walter Byron while he is out on maneuvres. He makes the moves on her later that night, then the mad Queen who is his keeper chases her out of the Palace with a whip and...just when it got interesting, Swanson (who was also producing with then lover Joe Kennedy, the President's Dad) fired director Erich von Stroheim as she felt the rest of script (it saw her bunking off to Africa to run her Aunt's brothel) was too saucy for the critics. A definite must watcch to piece together the clips left all over the world (even in Swanson's comeback, Sunset Boulevard, 20 years later) and see a master of naughty social commentary in fine form. It looks beautiful, it feels cruel, it would have been von's world cinema masterpiece but instead remains a tantalisingly naughty, vapour-inducing stump of masochistic silliness

Leonard D (jp) wrote: One of my favorite soundtracks of all time, and a great story about the power of brotherhood!

Brett R (mx) wrote: This movie is f****ng TRASH

Alex C (kr) wrote: I've never wanted to play ping pong more in my entire life.

Jason R (us) wrote: Paul Lynde in a movie with Doris Day and Rock Hudson? Sign me up. Wait, does that make me sound totally gay?