Not by Chance

Not by Chance

Enio is a middle-aged man who lives in solitude after a failed relationship. Pedro, 30, dates Teresa, who is moving to her home. He inherited a carpentry from his father and a taste for the pool. When a traffic accident crosses the parallel trajectories of the two, the imponderable imposes itself and the uncontrol begins.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:90 minutes
  • Release:2007
  • Language:Portuguese
  • Reference:Imdb
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Three control freaks lose the people they love. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Robyn K (gb) wrote: Saw it. Best part was the little bird (real or not), who was quite adorable.

Genevieve R (es) wrote: Servitude is an underrated and not very well known Canadian comedy. The cast was excellent, including the likes of Dave Foley from Kids in the Hall and Linda Kash, probably best known from the Philadelphia cream cheese ads. They both deliver funny performances as the absentminded and apathetic restaurant owner and the cranky single mom whose kids walk all over her. Franz as a character was very cliched and juvenile, but Enrico Colantoni's performance was ridiculous enough to make it work. However, I think it would have been even more comical to have Mark McKinney play Franz, especially since he would have a lot of chemistry with Foley in the scenes the characters have together. For some reason, I could definitely see McKinney playing that part.There were too many easy stereotypes in this film; the flamboyant gay waiter, the dumb bro, the Nazi health inspector, etc. They could have made more unique and multi-dimensional characters which would have been more interesting and probably funnier. I know it's just a dumb revenge-fest comedy, but why not make it really compelling?It was great that they dealt with the elitist attitude that some people have towards low-wage workers. "You do your time and then you get a real job" is the prevailing view. Servitude challenges this notion and in the end, Josh decides that he actually kind of likes his job and that's okay. I loved Josh's supportive dad. It was very touching when he gave Josh his published book as a present.I thought Servitude as a whole was a bit too television-ish. It felt more like a sitcom or a comedy show than a comedic film. Maybe there weren't as many songs, maybe it wasn't very dramatic, maybe the dialogue was delivered too quickly, I don't know...As both a former food service worker (but not a waiter) and a current retail worker, I can definitely empathize with the waiters in this movie. I think the best part of this movie was the glorious revenge. Josh finally gets to talk down to his girlfriend's douchey ex and people who stiff on tips are called out for it. That was definitely my favourite part. All in all, I think it's an enjoyable comedy that deserves a chance.

Heather M (fr) wrote: This is a pretty interesting look at a swinger's club from the 70's. A lot of the people that were interviewed were a bit scary and I don't want to think about them in this lifestyle. This will be very informative for people interested in the subject, but it wasn't my favorite documentary.

Terri H (ru) wrote: No thankyou - Not interested.

Tim M (nl) wrote: INCREDIBLE 1988 suspense film from the Netherlands. Just after finishing it, I couldn't help but think how such a simple story could have been so easily screwed up. It avoids all thriller cliches and remains unpredictable until the very end, which I guarantee will shake you up. Powerful stuff. HIGHLY recommend this one.

Chris W (ca) wrote: It's Waters, so it should be okay.

Gimly M (it) wrote: "Even though it's the sequel, I think it's actually the stronger of the two films."

Josep P (mx) wrote: Siete hombres al amanecer [1975]

Kris W (us) wrote: 'Life made her an outcast. Love made her an outlaw.''Bertha Loved Lovin'...But There Was More Money in ROBBIN' TRAINS!''America in the 30's was a Free Country. Bertha was jes' a little bit free'er than most.'Martin Scorsese's 2nd film, first proper one, produced by Roger Corman, is a good companion piece to Bonnie and Clyde, with a quality cast that includes Barbara Hershey, David Carradine, and former NFL'er Bernie Casey.

George S (it) wrote: Interesting sci-fi film from Gerry Anderson and company. Wonderful model effects from the people who gave you the Thunderbirds and Space 1999. Recommended!

Sadee K (nl) wrote: Entertaining and captivate you until the end of the film. There's nothing to lose.

bill s (nl) wrote: When you pile up good performances with a thought provoking story then you really have something....Berry is just not another pretty face,great acting chops.