Not Cool

Not Cool

NOT COOL follows former prom king and college freshman Scott (Shane Dawson) who has just returned home for Thanksgiving break only to be dumped by his eccentric, long-term girlfriend. With his world turned upside down, Scott strikes an unlikely friendship with former classmate Tori (Cherami Leigh), an ugly duckling who blossomed in her first semester of college. Together, the two embark on an outrageous adventure through their hometown. But when Scott and Tori find their friendship turning into something deeper, they realize that a few months away may have changed them more than they realized.

The film talks about the freshmen in high school who go back home on the occasion of Thanksgiving. In those days, they will hold the parties, visits to meet friends, search for their own pair and sex. The young girl will experience the feeling of becoming freshmen is how the left and chamber in life like? . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Emily A (ag) wrote: Hmm. Someone's going to need to explain this movie to me. Is there a boogeymonster that's so well-known in Finnish (Russian?) folklore that its presence is fully understood and taken for granted? I still have no idea what was attacking these people, how or why. But that's part of what makes it so scary. That and the fact tat the director is a damned inventive manipulative bastard. His clever blend of static and hand-held camera shots

Brook K (mx) wrote: Jia Zhang Ke's latest blends documentary and fiction to describe the closing of a factory set to be replaced by luxury apartments and the affect the factory had on workers, executives and the children of those workers. The stories the real people and "characters" played by professional actors like Joan Chen relate weave together to describe the sweeping economic changes taking place in Chinese life and the ambivalence regarding those changes. On the one hand, unarguably improving the living standards of hundereds of millions, but at the same time disrupting social, community and family traditions with a modern life that inevitably seems to bring about a more individualistic way of living and attitude. We can count ourselves lucky that we have a director of the quality of Zhang ke to document these historically important events and provide those outside of China with a small measure of education and understanding.

Nicholas M (gb) wrote: shit was awesome when I was 6

Mr D (it) wrote: The part that Hulk Hogan was born to play: a misunderstood warrior soul from another planet.

Al M (jp) wrote: Bloody Mama is a delightfully deranged piece of early-70s Corman. As with most Corman films, Bloody Mama is B-movie to the core--it is cheep and makes up for its lack of money by incorporating a variety of exploitative elements: violence, nudity, etc. all parade before the camera. But Bloody Mama is a psychological gangster/outlaw film that will delight Corman and B-Movie cinema fans as well as perhaps surprising a few "normal" viewers/ Twisted to its core, Bloody Mama is a Freudian, Oedipal tale of a mother's influence over a family as well as a critique of the American ideal that we can all become whatever we want. It is a delightfully violent and psychopathic tale that features a poignant and brutal performance from Shelley Winters as well as a childlike, drug-addict Robert DeNiro. A truly fun film that I enjoyed way more than Michael Mann's star-studded Public Enemies.

Jon W (es) wrote: Westerns gone comedy....good going Don.

Alex V (es) wrote: Charm charm charm. Exactly what I need when in bed sick.

Steve G (kr) wrote: Barbara Stanwyck's performance in this film might be the most charming ever. And Cooper so effortlessly plays the hapless professor. It's amazing to think of how someone like Cooper could play a character so unlike himself so perfectly.The scene where he finds out that she won't marry him, but has only been using him is truly one of the most heart-breaking I've ever seen. It wouldn't work with lesser leads. Great supporting cast as well. Even Dana Andrews is deliciously evil in a rare turn as the villain. Very well written script. At the end of the day, it's a very sweet love story. A great movie.

Christine R (ag) wrote: Decent movie with a solid cast (love Tyrone Power, and Alice Faye is great). The big fire scene is impressive for something made in 1937. Enjoyed the storyline although it was not quite historically accurate. Not bad at all.

Brian S (jp) wrote: An incredibly bizarre and captivatingly artificial performance by the luminously adorable Susan Strasberg holds the only interest in this cliche backstage melodrama about show girls, love triangles and The Stage. Henry Fonda and Christopher Plummer (in his very first film role!) are given the thankless task of trying to add some heft, but Strasberg has the kind of over-the-top acting style that makes you understand exactly why she ended up becoming a B-movie luminary, and her drunken recitation of "Romeo & Juliet" has to be seen to be believed, not so much for her delivery, but the fact that we're supposed to believe that it impressed a room full of jaded theatre vets. Incredible.

Nathan B (gb) wrote: Should be worse than 1 star for ruining a family movie night. I'm going to be depressed for a month after watching this.

Andrew G (ca) wrote: Generic slasher with more focus on cleavage than scares.

Grayson D (es) wrote: Effective and creepy 50's sci fi horror.