Not Easily Broken

Not Easily Broken

A car accident and shifting affections test the bond between a married couple.

Dave Johnson and his wife, Clarice, appear to have it all, but she has ignored his needs while she pursues a real-estate career. Then a car accident and shifting affections test their bond. As temptation tugs at Dave and Clarice pulls farther away, they must confront whether their vows are or are not easily broken. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sarah S (br) wrote: Really enjoyed it, loved the mix of animation and live action.

Scott C (us) wrote: Better than you might expect from the Rotten Tomatoes reviews. Users give it 85%. I enjoyed this movie.

Deb S (gb) wrote: Beau Bridges is superb as Bill Januson, a decent, hard-working man who has been dealt two devastating blows. First, he lost his 17-year job on an assembly line in Michigan and then, his wife died of cancer. Now Bill is trying to support his two children with a part-time job at a hamburger place and forced to cope with his family's descent into poverty. His fierce pride takes a further dent when he meets a doctor (Bruce Davidson) who wants to help the family after his daughter`s health deteriorates due to malnutrition. The two kids in the film (Shelton Dane and Jean Malone) have big parts that they fill admirably and Frances McDormand adds a nice touch as the concerned mechanic who Robbie meets one day while skipping school. It is a very upsetting film to watch and makes you stop and relish just how lucky you are. Jeff Bridges also has a brief cameo as a surgeon. The credits end with the following caption: On any given night, up to 5 million children in America go to bed hungry. How many of us will wake up in the morning and think about solutions?

Stuart K (fr) wrote: The last film by Amicus Productions, now making films under the name of Sword and Sorcerery. This is a very tongue in cheek horror comedy divided into 3 segments, punctuated with music and a load of veteran actors very game to do something like this. It's a very peculiar film indeed, but it KNOWS it's a cheesy film, and it is effective in places. This has horror author R. Chetwynd-Hayes (John Carradine) being approached by the mysterious Eramus (Vincent Price), who invites him to the titular Monster Club. Which is a club for all different kinds of supernatural creatures, alot of hybrid creatures too. Eramus decides to tell Chetwynd-Hayes about what they're like. He tells him about a Shadmock, a hybrid vampire called Raven (James Laurenson) who can kill people by whistling, then there's the story of a hybrid vampire (Richard Johnson) who is hunted by a team of bureaucratic vampire hunters led by Pickering (Donald Pleasence), and then there's the tale of American film director Sam (Stuart Whitman) who is location scouting and finds himself in a village inhabited by a rare species of ghouls. It's a very odd film, and it's a shame Price doesn't appear more in it, as he is always good at this sort of thing. But, this is punctuated with musical performances by UB40, B. A. Robertson and The Pretty Things.

Anna L (ca) wrote: my favorite movie of all time

Clay B (ag) wrote: CALL NORTHSIDE 777 (1948)

Al M (au) wrote: The middle entry in Rossellini's war trilogy, which is sandwiched between Rome Open City and Germany Year Zero, is radically different than the other two films in the series. In Rome Open City, Rossellini explores the effects of fascism in Italy and Germany Year Zero explored the post-apocalyptic aftermath of World War II in Germany. Both are heartbreakingly naturalistic tour-de-forces, but Paisan is a much quieter and subtler exploration of the apocalypse. For starters, Rossellini does not simply develop one story but insteads create a collage-like omnibus film that features the stories of various ordinary people from various nations during the Allied liberation of Italy. From a group of young American soldiers to Italian monks, Paisan features stories of desolation and destruction but it also features stories that harbor some sense of hope in face of chaos. Paisan is a moving series of tales that unravel against a background of frenzied destruction across the Italian peninsula. It is powerful, political cinema at its finest, but it also a film simply about people and the tragedies and triumps they face on a daily basis.

Andrew M (ru) wrote: This film makes absolutely no sense and is dull.I don't know what they are trying to do with this, it's filmed in a semi documentary style, but there is no reason to make a documentary about such disparate characters so that doesn't work.And did I mention dull...

Raven M (au) wrote: A twist on the classic babysitter films, with decent a decent plot and good acting. I wouldn't say it's one of my favorites, but it was enjoyable, and a good way to kill time.