Not Here to Be Loved

Not Here to Be Loved

Jean-Claude Delsart, a 50 years-old bailiff, with his worn-out smile and heart, abandoned a long time ago the idea that life could give him pleasures. Until the day, he dares to push the doors of a tango lesson...

The fifty years old Jean-Claude has a boring life, working in a notary office of his own and as court official evicting tenants or seizing properties, or spending the Sundays afternoons in ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Genesis S (es) wrote: it was an inspirational film:)

Nate P (kr) wrote: Another decent Star Trek film. This movie is unable to top Wrath of Khan or The Voyage home, but it's still a fine send-off to the original Star Trek crew.

Private U (es) wrote: Camp. Perfect film for a crackpot. Be its lover and you will understand the genius of H.G. Lewis.

Michael D (es) wrote: We all eventually love our low-budget horror movies. Where the gore is fake, the corpses look like barbies, and there's bound to be raunchy teenage romance. So, one night, I wanted one of these movies, and thats exactly what I got. Adam and Evil follows the formula to a T--nothing unique about this movie at all. Very predictable, very fake, and very very very discusting. Yet...enthralling. Cheap thrills at their best. Awful movie--but, thats what you get for low budget horror films.

garrett s (gb) wrote: This movie didn't make any sense at all

Lisa M (gb) wrote: I've been meaning to comment on this movie. I'm from the US ,but I can't help but consistently think of the ton of stupid things Americans do in movies. This was an ok movie definitely a one time watch although I did watch it partially a second time just to remind myself how retarded people are. Who the hell goes against locals in a foreign country ughhh and the dark haired wussy chick who kept taking pictures is a fricken idiot. I hated her the most and from the start. Lead guy was cute and that's mainly why I watched other than that mrhmmphh