Not I

Not I

A young woman sits down in a chair. Only her mouth is visible as she begins to speak at a rapid clip, describing events that she insists did not really happen to her.

A young woman sits down in a chair. Only her mouth is visible as she begins to speak at a rapid clip, describing events that she insists did not really happen to her. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki

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Col M (us) wrote: aaahaaa - aaahee - aaahh, oh, that Don Knotts, what a hoot! Easily as funny as the Incredible Mr. Limpet, just luv cases like this, absolutely a specialty!

Beth W (ca) wrote: Very quirky and dark ! Really enjoyed

Robert G (ag) wrote: A moving look at a fascinating writer and person. It is an accomplishment that it keeps one's attention and does delve into the central questions of Salinger's life--slightly more than those of his writings per se (although they're somewhat intertwined). All in all, a compelling and interesting examination of one of history's most enigmatic artistic lives, perhaps more impressive because of the paucity of public information these last 40 years.

Neha J (ag) wrote: great movie. excellent acting by rani and shahid.

Tait W (kr) wrote: Similar my review of Rat Race. I really liked this movie, but I hated the ending. I'm just thankful Smash Mouth didn't appear at the end.

Dr Jay (mx) wrote: It was OK but if you aren't a comic geek you're not gonna like it.

Roy S (us) wrote: Liberal platitudes aside, it is a pretty good movie. Primarily this is due to Kurt Russel, who is outstanding as always.

Aaron B (fr) wrote: Boring, cliche ridden sci-fi horror film. Blah, to say the least.

Justin A (nl) wrote: Despite being incredibly stupid and corny, god help me, this movie is actually a lot of 80s fun. The soundtrack, montages, and overused cliches heighten what really is a dumb plot. Works well in a double feature on a Saturday night with another cheesy 80s flick and some friends.

Stephanie W (ca) wrote: It was short. Not especially entertaining. Short enough to be worth the watch.

Tom H (mx) wrote: A decent ww2 film, but they stole a lot of scenes from a superior film called "Tobruk" with Rock Hudson. Even so there are some amusing scenes here, like the stamp discussion with Rommel and the English doctor.

Mike W (gb) wrote: Ships are never meant to stay upside down.

Kenny L (ag) wrote: i don't trust those shifty italians, but at least they have a sense of humor about themselves.

Khem T (mx) wrote: This is my favorite film when I was just 16 ..ok..ok, I am getting old now ><'. Full of fun and the movie mingle the Holy spirits and some bad habits of the ordinary people quite well. Smooth story and good enough to see it again when you are reaching 40 ><'. Whoopi was my favorite Black actress since the 1st time I saw this film. Love Her!! She is my Sister Act !!

joseph h (gb) wrote: Complete crap other than the Darth Maul duel

Jim F (de) wrote: Love the masks, the different heist scenarios, and Renner's trigger happy character. Would fit as a nice 3rd concluding part of a heist triology after Dog day afternoon and Killing zoe

bill s (ag) wrote: Has any other creature spawned more bad movies than the vampire genre?Sadly this is about average for the crap that comes from this genre.

Roy C (fr) wrote: Enthusiastic instrumentals. 'I'm going to destroy you economically, Charlie Brown.'