Not My Day

Not My Day

When Banker Till (Axel Stein) is kidnapped during a bank robbery, he has the time of his life...

The film tells about Till, a 30-year old bank teller, is living normally. One day, Nappo, who had just got out of jail, threatened Till hostage when his car broke down. Only after the police set up roadblocks, Nappo left Till alone in his car trunk and took off all the money. But after that, they must escape together to avoid the combing of police. Later, they found their common passions of rocker and resigned the rob life. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Daniel P (us) wrote: Superlative and incredibly moving music doc. Review soon.

Adam E (nl) wrote: Shite absolute shite. Awfull acting from 90 percent of the cast who cannot even flash there flesh without looking daft, awfull dialogue with really ropey cgi effects! david carradine pops up as the company boss and yawns his way throught im guessing one of his last roles. The rest of the cast you will have never heard off and even the ones that can act ok are not worth talking about! You'll know what to expect from these films anyway. While this is no shark attack 3 in terms of entertainment through wankness its still pretty frikking funny! As expected the massive battle does not happen till the end and reminds me of the old school b movies with spider vs snake in it, you know the black and white ones where they drop big animals onto the screen and make them look 10 times bigger! Its that sense of cheesey fun that keeps this going through to the end. supergator is just a big alligator but its dinocroc which made me piss myself whenever i saw it! amazingly awfull but loads and loads of fun especially if you are leathered! If not might be harder to watch but if you like this kinda of crap tat then dive in, its all harmless fun!

Jason M (au) wrote: Not as good as the original but still a good movie.

Brett C (it) wrote: Great historical information but then it seemed like the documentary was half finished. Technically there were spots of bad audio on a couple of the subjects, from using either a shotgun mic or on camera mic which allowed background noise in. There were also some subjects that were shot with either a different camera or a new shooter jumped in and didnt white balance or set up camera properly. Then the music was half n half where if the film makers stuck with orchestration, it would have worked but then they switched to music by Spiritualized and Ivy? These are great musicians but it didn't work with the documentary. It has it's moments but it wasn't spactacular. If you're a sword lover definitely watch it.

Jules A (br) wrote: good movie. 2nd one it better

D M (it) wrote: The two stars given are earned exclusively by the lead actors, without whom the tensity would be considerably weakened, leaving this movie with not a lot left to stand on. While often espoused as "controversial" or "brave," the subject of pederasty is used as an easy-target incendiary device in order to make torture more palatable to the viewer. While you do get the occasional sense that the protagonist is herself disturbed, by the end of the film it feels as though she is celebrated as a paragon of vigilantism. Boiled down, Hard Candy is violent revenge fantasy with a strong sense of moral superiority.

Joe H (gb) wrote: I have been a Sandra Bullock fan for years. I found her performance measured, powerful, and poetic. The best part of a good film.

Alexander C (ru) wrote: Will have to watch this one. Not necassarily good or bad. Will see. Want to watch!

Robert B (ru) wrote: Affliction (Paul Schrader, 1997)[originally posted 14Nov2001]Paul Schrader and Nick Nolte have both had, at best, inconsistent careers. Putting the two of them together, one would assume that the resulting film had an above-average chance of being godawful. And yet somehow, what they ended up with was Affliction, a movie that garnered Best Actor noms for Nolte from everyone who matters and most who don't, and actually garnered a Best Supporting academy award for James Coburn. The Academy, of course, have never been the world's best judges of taste, but they hit the mark this time.Wade Whitehouse (Nolte) is a part-time cop and city worker in a small town in upstate New Hampshire. He's burdened with a pain-in-the-ass ex-wife (Mary Beth Hurt), a new girlfriend (Sissy Spacek), a boss who's a bit too slick for his own good (Homes Osborne), and an alcoholic father (Coburn) whose path he's dangerously close to treading himself. When deer season begins with a suspicious hunting accident, both Whitehouse and his boss resent the State Police horning in immediately, and Whitehouse starts investigating.Ultimately, the movie is a character study of Whitehouse and his relationship to his father, and the mystery of the dead deer hunter takes, or should take, second stage to this. And this is the film's only major failing; Schrader and Russell Banks (adapting his own short story) feel the need, after sublimating the mystery in the film's climax, to tie up the loose ends the script has spent two hours demanding be left at the end. Losing the last two minutes of narration would have done this film a world of good. But those last two minutes aren't enough to undercut the first hundred sixteen, which are excellent through and through. I'm not normally a fan of Nick Nolte in any way, shape, or form, but he's excellent in here, as is Coburn. Sissy Spacek shows us why she never should have fallen into obscurity after an all-too-short stint on the A-list, and Willem Dafoe, who plays Wade's brother Rolf, does his usual excellent job despite having very little screen time. Aside from the wealth of starpower, the cinematography is grand. Well, as long as you like snow, snow, and more snow. Nice to see someone using something other than darkness to give a feeling of claustrophobia.The climax, in this Oprah-infested age, is predictable, especially to anyone who's even vaguely familiar with Russell Banks. That, however, is as irrelevant as who actually killed the deer hunter. *** 1/2

Sascha L (mx) wrote: Interesting perspective!Nice doggy!

Kevin H (us) wrote: Funny and touching....

Toby C (nl) wrote: A great action movie that is different in its own unique way and has you constantly questioning. Also perfect chemistry between Cruise and Foxx as the two leading roles. One of the best performances by both actors.

Regina R (ca) wrote: This is a good movie, and the acting is very good. However, much of the dialogue is in Spanish, and is not translated for the viewer. This ought never to have been done, for one loses much in not understanding Spanish. If you speak Spanish you will most likely love this movie. If you don't speak Spanish, bear with it and use your imagination.

Jon C (ag) wrote: Another freaky and bloody horror anthology film that goes in more directions than you'd expect The only actor I know is Seth Green while a lot of the other players are largely unknownsFrom Valentine's Day to St. Patrick's Day to New Year's 9 different directors pull their own unique, gruesome twists on traditional days of celebration They definitely know how to make the viewer squirm at not-so-traditional activitiesA good freaky watch