Not Suitable for Children

Not Suitable for Children

A young playboy who learns he has one month until he becomes infertile sets out to procreate as much as possible.

A young playboy who learns he has one month until he becomes infertile sets out to procreate as much as possible. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Brian C (it) wrote: an intriguing look at winston churchill's war years, even if this movie is covering so much ground that it really feels like it's just scratching the surface of most of the events depicted here.

adrianne h (de) wrote: it was.... ok i guess, i mean... it was a bit boring and the ending didnt help this movie for crap ugh....

Private U (jp) wrote: I'd be interested in hearing the soundtrack.

Ethan P (br) wrote: The Rundown is a mildly amusing, pretty average action flick that is straightforward, a little goofy and a little too conservative. Although its tone is solid as a goofy, light adventure, its thematically inconsistent. It can't decide whether it's an Indiana Jones treasure hunt, a story of poverty and rebellion in the jungle or a run of the mill, shoot em up standoff. The one thing this film does very well are the action scenes. In this movie, the fighting is very creative, stylish and fun to watch even if its exaggerated and totally unrealistic. The Rock systematically and brutally takes out bands of people by himself. For a film with so much violence, there was barely any bloodshed or graphic gore. It played it very safe. The film doesn't have much at stake and doesn't develop the characters enough for you to care if they live or die. It's thin and its light, but its down with some style and well-meaning charm.The Rock actually had considerable charm and gave his performance some surprising dimension. His mercenary was tired of fighting, but really fucking good at it and also an aspiring chef, which was a nice break from cliches, even if it was thinly developed. Sean William Scott and the Rock have some amusing exchanges, but Scott's eccentricity is mostly unfunny and very odd. He does succeed in adding some humor though. Christopher Walken is a very creepy and talented actor, which makes me wonder why he involved himself in such an average film and spouted some very weird lines. Maybe they were meant to be funny or chillingly ironic, but they didn't really land for me. Rosario Dawson is solid as the rebel leader, but the character isn't developed much.

Neil C (ag) wrote: This is the single worst film I have ever seen, and I have seen some bad films. Woody Allen, Sharon Stone, David Schwimmer, Cheech Marin, Kiefer Sutherland, Andy Dick and Elliot Gould...and David Schwimmer is the best thing in it, that is how bad it is.

Aron R (ag) wrote: WHY is Tarantino at the party? Best part of the film, but has absolutely nothing to do with anything. Other than that, none of the characters are really anyone I'd wanna root for. A couple funny moments. I'm not high.

Dr F P (br) wrote: How the HELL have i not reviewed this already? Simply put i find this just near perfect, there are some great scenes, some favorites are the Annie one, the Dottie Hinkle ones and the court ones. I think Serial Mom was the movie to affirm my love of John Waters and his great taste for hyperbole and super-quotable lines. The comedy here just hits the spot for me, the whole movie cracks me up - it's so off. No apologies, Serial Mom; one of my favorite movies of all time!

Danielle S (mx) wrote: Fresh Horses is a film with an adult story aimed at using the onscreen chemistry of Andrew McCarthy and Molly Ringwald, in a serious love story. Ringwald is Jewel, a mysterious country girl, all pink lips and tousled curly hair. She meets Matt (McCarthy) a college upper middle class guy with a pretty stable and boring life. He's engaged to the perfect women, and has your typical annoying university friends. She has a past and a reputation, but he becomes smitten with her and attempts to change his life so they can be together. Since this film was made in the late 80's; there needs to be a twist; Andrew McCarthy provides a sympathetic character-trying to do the right thing. In this respects it is an unusual movie and one that is well worth watching.

Tyler S (ag) wrote: A somewhat game changer in the horror genre, from the wicked crazy Clive Barker. It all centers around a deadly puzzle box, that releases creepy creatures known as Cenobytes. The plot is enough to make you say..huh? But it is original, gruesome, horror. The iconic villain pinhead is featured, but not enough in this movie, and that is my main complaint. The plot is based around a man who has resurfaced from another deadly dimension, and needs human sacrifice to get his skin back. Yes you have read this all correctly. You have to see the movie to believe what is really happening. The images, now almost 30 years old, are still somewhat effective. The movie has a sense of dread to it that keeps the viewer unpleasantly intrigued. It is a must see for horror fans. More Pinhead would of been a higher rating. The setting features only one location through the whole movie which I thought took away from it.

Scott W (kr) wrote: Really good storytelling! Sure, there are flaws, but just watch and listen to the dialog and acting.

jim t (ru) wrote: Fantasy but Flynn makes it work!

Brian S (de) wrote: Apparently, the writers of the X-Files wrote this movie. And they did an excellent job on it ! In my personal opinion, this is the best horror ghost movie of 2000. It's well paced and has great and original story to it. Just like Roger Elbert said, this is really one of the smarter modern horror teenage movies. And the deaths scenes for the characters and over the top, very creative. Recommended !!