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Cleon O (ag) wrote: A light, entertaining movie.

Maxwell P (au) wrote: Funny story line Andy was great actor to watch.

Cassie S (br) wrote: why does Maggie Guylenhal always play such a good whore! weirdly funny movie i enjoyed it overall.

Kaylee L (us) wrote: A young woman opens up her roadside diner one morning and encounters a wounded young man (Barry Watson) on the run from three "dangerous surfers". He is suffering from a stab wound in his lower abdomen and it is infected. Then the group of surfers enters the diner and our heroine ends up wrapped up in a game of cat and mouse where she doesn't know who to trust. This movie wasn't that great. I watched it on instant watch from netflix, and was glad I did, because if I'd received this in the mail I would have felt ripped off. The plot is simplistic - everyone involved in this film tries to keep you guessing, but you know who the villain is right when you meet him. The acting is okay, but I only enjoyed Barry Watson's pressence in this flick, the others could have been casted better. The writing was lame too - and what this entire battle is about is never truly explained. I would have given this a lower rating, but I still found it somewhat entertaining. I didn't get disgusted with it and shut it off - plus I've seen much worse. Overall - Low budget direct to video flick that can keep your interest, but brings nothing new to the table.

Rhiannon P (de) wrote: Jungle Fever starts off as lighthearted and innocent and gradually begins to unravel as the reality of the character's situations become much clearer. Each character's storyline was intriguing, the dialogue was brilliant, and the performances were fantastic. My favorites in particular were John Turturro and Samuel L Jackson. It also made me realize that all of my potential relationships would be interracial because I am biracial. The score in the movie was pretty good, but now I can't get Jungle Fever out of my head.

Matthew S (us) wrote: In the lead roles, both Fawcett and Russo are quite good. However this play got lost in translation to the screen.

Hillary D (us) wrote: Cute camp story about building friendships & self-discovery.

Brad W (kr) wrote: I love this movie despite the wonky bear scene. The interplay between Hackman and Coburn is worth the admission alone.

Matt R (jp) wrote: Cliched and poorly written, but there is some entertainment value in its absurdity.

Stephanie A (au) wrote: Not a good movie vehicle for either of these talented actors, a bit of an 80's cliche.

Stephen M (ag) wrote: I didn't understand why they made a sequel... but man this was better than the first! This film was awesome. It's a non stop action packed movie. It wonderfully throws Political Correctness BS to the side & is full of blatant killing of vile terrorists. The stunts were well handled. The special effects were very cool. This film was well directed with a good cast.