Note to Self

Note to Self

Curtis King, a handsome and popular student athlete, may know his way around the court, but his heart still needs a game plan. When he decides to keep a journal to give his life a new direction, the path leads him straight to the love he needed most.

Curtis King, a handsome and popular student athlete, may know his way around the basketball court, but his heart still needs a game plan. When he decides to keep a journal to give his life ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Pavan R (au) wrote: An entertaining chill out movie. May not be a innovative story but sometimes simple stories can be very entertaining and this one of them.

Facu S (fr) wrote: Parece una gilada pero esta buena para debatir el tema del consumismo

Nick B (kr) wrote: Great movie, but I can't relate to the artistic romanticism ideals and the too-frequent "books are better than tv" commentary. I've read books, and I've seen tv. I'll choose tv every time. This movie makes me feel unsophisticated and simple, and I hate that. Zac Efron's character was totally hilarious though!

Jason J (kr) wrote: A lifestyle changing, excellent documentary.

Dru X (gb) wrote: I thought it was starting to drag a bit, but it picked up and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Good twist.

Krystal G (de) wrote: I can only hope things like this don't actually happen...

Ahmed S (ag) wrote: Great romantic movie

Jiri B (gb) wrote: Original and entertaining film based on Micheal Crichton's novel.

Robin H (jp) wrote: the movie fails to deliver in the gangster genere.

Michael R (kr) wrote: The sequel to Chinatown is about Jake Gittes being older and fatter and content until a case involving murder by a cuckolded husband (the other Jake) opens up the L.A. rabbit hole again for him throwing up a figure from his past, and making him lose his sense of identity all over again. Big oil issues that shape L.A. (element of fire) coincide with earthquakes and force Jake to do what the significant person of interest (Kathryn Mulwray) has already done long ago- he has to get over it. Nicholson is a terrific director, and the reason I like this movie more than Chinatown is that Polanski was like Slipknot or Marilyn Manson or something, wanting to prove decadence and nihilism are sophisticated worldly assaults on your innocence, whereas Nicholson's attitude is that it's just business and so what. The actors have fun and it's pretty entertaining even when the plot details are hard to follow because they're the minor diversions that keep everyone embroiled in drama. In the story everyone gets all worked up over perceived wrongdoings but in the end are trying to be good to someone so it's kind of sweet. Key people in our lives often throw us out of balance, and if they are just doing what they do, should we blame them or try to figure out why it works out this way?

Julian L (br) wrote: You can call this the "Godfather" of the East. Chow Yun Fatt still packs the swagger of Kingpin caught in a battle of patriotism and love. The details become sketchy toward the end as though Wong Jing just pressed the fast forward button albeit stylistically shot. There we have it. The romantic triangle is stereotypical of Chinese films and was expected eventhough many would have thought it was clichd.The formula is there, the swagger is there, the stylistics is there.

William R (it) wrote: A by the numbers thriller reminiscent of "Don't look Now"

Phil H (us) wrote: Well when I first heard about this a long time ago I pretty much assumed it would be a shameless cash grab with a rehashed plot trying to copy any number of big hit animated movies. Looks like I got bitch slapped pretty hard here!Holy stickle bricks Batman! even the opening logos before the film are made out of Lego...CGI Lego. Yes everything in this film is made out of Lego, [b]everything![/b], explosions, water, steam, soap suds, rocks, clouds etc...this is most definitely a world of Lego. Within this world everybody is happy and lives in harmony doing what they do for the good of the Lego community, that is until 'Lord Business' rears his ugly head and threatens everything with his evil secret weapon of mass destruction. Well sticky destruction...right up until the plot reveal towards the end I didn't really get why the bad guy wanted to encase everyone in glue.The plot is basically your everyday action flick hocus pocus about a chosen one who will lead the rebels to victory against an evil force. Now you may think that sounds boring and indeed it is, difference here is the plot is mocked and spoofed hard, it uses all the regular action cliches in the book and basically rips on them to its hearts content. For this to work as well as it does many many different types of characters from various genres and franchises are used to enhance the lunacy. Of course being a film about Lego you can do virtually anything you want using any form shape or character for maximum results...this cleverly feeds into the plot twist premise too.I won't lie, for me this was all about seeing the huge range of Lego's from all the generations stuck together and I wasn't disappointed. In this crazy ass world there are different regions...medieval, pirate, space, wild west, civvy this naturally allows plenty of retro visuals much to my joy. I absolutely loved seeing all the individual Lego themes and figures popping up, the best of these must be '1980-something space guy'. I loved how this guys chest logo was faded, how he was hyper about building retro spaceships with retro Lego and how he even had the little crack on his helmet which did used to happen with those spacemen helmets...detail much!!! awesome!!! The only downside to this was the fact we didn't see enough of these lands, alas I really wanted to see more medieval involvement.As for the other characters well its a mega Easter egg hunt if you ask me. Aside from regular characters Batman, our plucky hero Emmet, not too sure what the hell 'Uni-Kitty' was suppose to be exactly but I did like her Manga-esque facial design, and 'Good cop/bad cop', there were loads of blink and you'll miss em guys. Talk about a Justice League flick oh my, some great camaraderie between Supes and The Green Lantern who is hilariously voiced by Jonah Hill (I like that guy). Also look out for Wonder Woman and a quick appearance of The Flash (quick..get it? hehehehe). We also see Gandalf, Dumbledore, Robin Hood, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Mikey, Shaq O'Neal, Gillman (swamp creature) and how about THAT short Star Wars sequence huh!!! didn't see that coming and it was ace! top banana! Actual voice work by Billy Dee and Anthony Daniels, shame no Ford though, still...I think I got a little sexually excited.So all the franchise characters and retro Lego figures was enough fun for me but how about everything else? Well the visuals are amazing, talk about a 100% beautifully realised dreamlike fantasy world with so much colour and imagination bursting from the screen. The detail is incredible, everything is built from Lego so you can imagine how much small detail there must be, every little block, every little plastic piece you remember from your childhood, its all here in one form or another. Even all those odd bits which looked weird that you would have left over, every single Lego piece ever made is used here and you can see it...even the sharks.Next to that you then have the stunningly simple looking animation which blends CGI (can't escape that) and stop motion...or so it seems. Its like watching an episode of South Park in Lego form, you know, all that jerky movement that looks cheap and tacky but at the same time kinda cool. Some of the sequences though are mind blowing, an animated ocean of Lego and Bayplosions in Lego (not far from reality there). The plot is also really fresh and takes a turn you don't quite expect towards the end. Not sure I completely agreed with going down that specific route as it did kinda take me out of the moment, risky decision. But its purpose is the moral of the story, a lovely message that imagination and freedom to express yourself is important, be creative, don't box up your ideas and thoughts, run with them. This is why the plot is so wildly exhausting, explosively manic and never seems to stay on one course for very long. Always going off on a spontaneously surreal fantasy tangent just like a young persons imagination.The only thing I would say overall is I didn't quite find it as funny as I expected. I know its essentially a kids movie but its also in the realms of 'Toy Story' where adults have their own touches to enjoy. I loved how the Lego people live their lives by those little instruction manuals we all know and love. To be brutally honest some of the humour tended to miss more than hit in my opinion. If it wasn't for Batman (always upside down) and Emmet the film may not have won me over as easily.The film is top heavy with pop culture references as you will probably have guessed by now but that is by no means an issue. It never feels like an ad campaign for anything or anyone. One thing is for damn sure, even though the film has proved it wasn't a lazy cash grab (but still a very big promotion), Lego sales will definitely be going through the roof from this point on. I can see myself needing a '1980-something space guy' figure...and maybe a 'Metal beard'.