The film tells the story of two good friends who live together, Andrew (Andrew Miller), an agoraphobic travel agent who works from his home, and Dave (David Hewlett), a loser who works in an office where he is treated with contempt. Just when it seems things can't get any worse for the two, the entire world outside of their house disappears and is replaced with an endless white void.

After a terrible day, two good friends and housemates find the outside world converted into a featureless and empty white void. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Doctor S (ru) wrote: It was on, so I watched it. I have no better excuse than that. Lame but not unwatchable, it's just wholly unremarkable with very few actual scares. The title itself is indistinctive, but I honestly cannot think of another that would be a fitting improvement. Some amusing contrivances attempting to add tension though: a sudden twisted ankle from walking in a straight line along a dirt road, 2 people can run from one house to another and back again in roughly the same time as it takes to drive, and a serious case of rampant tunnel vision as characters do not see dead bodies hanging or bobbing in plain view until right next to them. And what kind of idiot goes swimming with his wallet?? On the plus side, an attractive cast with appealing sisters Brielle and Kelly that I hoped would pull through, a sympathetic boyfriend, and overall a gang I didn't mind hanging around. Except for when they start the crack smoking.

Alex r (ag) wrote: Cougar Club is astupi9d, low brow and poorly constructed comedy that just doesn't deliver anything good or entertaining. I absolutely hated the film, and I thought that despite the interesting idea for the plot, the poorly written script was what made this film a total misfire., Add to that two lead actors that are just horrible and you have a film that just misses the mark on so many levels. I just thought that the film wasn't funny and it didn't have any substance to its shallow script. I felt that the film was rushed and the emphasis on comedy wasn't really a strong point here, as most of the jokes were pretty bad and laugh free. The actors here are wooden, and don't give the film wit. Same goes for director Christopher Duddy, he lacks the skills of creating anything funny out of the film, and he doesn't know what makes a good comedy. This is one of the worst comedies that I've seen in quite some time, and it's one film that is not worth watching. This is filmmaking at its lowest form. The only good thing about this film is the good looking cougars, other than that, there's nothing else to enjoy. This film just isn't worth watching and is more stupid than actually funny. The comedy aspects of the film are minimal, and you won't find yourself laughing much watching this film. Watch a different film instead. This one just fails.

Tyler S (gb) wrote: Being a sports fan I was intrigued to see this movie. The promise from the beginning of the movie is strong but the film ultimately goes full circle and takes us nowhere. Yes McConaughey is great and Palcino is believable as a crazy insane gambler, but the performances don't save the movie from being what it ultimately could have been. Still decent.

Brittany J (ca) wrote: At first I thought the cast was pushing it to hard, gangsters don't act or talk about what's best for anyone other than themselves, but it had a good meaning, and it was sweet.

Melanie H (es) wrote: Melodrama... at it's romantic best. Kinda like the Costner vehicle "Message In A Bottle".

Adam R (jp) wrote: (First and only viewing - 2/14/2011)

Matthew S (ru) wrote: alright, shouldn't have waited this long to watch this movie.

Anthony T (jp) wrote: Without Clint Eastwood this movie just wouldn't work, with him it is one of the best thrillers of the 1990's.

Jan S (kr) wrote: This movie is a gem. Excellently made. Superb acting. No weak moment in it. Very well directed!!! The critics are mostly rotten, yes, THEY are.

STCENTERPRISE (ca) wrote: One thing which I did not like about the film was the beginning with the cat walking up and down on tile roof and then have three people say they had been robed. I think that it would have been better if that had been edited out and have instead a close up of a newspaper about the thefts and that person with the newspaper just begin talking about the thefts out load.I liked the fact that the film would mislead you by not always following the John Robie when you thought they were doing a crim.I liked that this film had several twist and that the thief who had lost most of his credibility really was telling the truth through the entire film about him not steely anything which I think made the film much more interesting. I also liked the music and costumes for this film. The only costume I really did not like was John Robie(TM)s striped costume which he wore for most of the film since I felt that that costume did not fit the character he played because it was too plain for someone who had done crimes and enjoyed a richer lifestyle.These characters created in this film were ones you felt you liked in all the cases.During the film I felt there were only two characters who could be the cat thief, Grace Kelly's character Frances Stevens and Danielle Foussard.This film has a very satisfactory ending as well as a great comedic and memorable line by Grace Kelly's character Frances Stevens. Ah So this is where you live? Oh, Mother will love it up here.?This film I would have to consider one of Alfred Hitchcock(TM)s better films since it was not too strange and was not a horror film yet still kept you thinking like all his films.I love the line Cary Grant says "It's such a pleasure to meet an issuance agent who pays such expensive claims."I find it interesting that no subtitles are provided for the French dialog. This film makes an emphasis on food and pastries. Green is used a lot in this film for roof tops and night scenes. I really think it it is interesting how the car chase is shot where Grace Kelly shows enjoyment going super fast. And Cary Grant shows no stress on his face but all is shown based upon cuts to Cary Grant's hands and knees. Charles Vanel it is so obvious that he was dubbed during his scenes because sometime the voice did not match up exactly with the mouth. Edith Head did a great job on the costumes. Especially for the dresses on Grace Kelly. I liked the use of the green filter in this film in the night sequences. It looked interesting. I felt like at the end there was some well made suspense and drama as Cary Grant tried capturing the thief. I like the opening helicopter car chase sequence with Cary Grant and the police. I think it is interesting at the picnic scene where Cary Grant eats from the chicken. He goes at a part with very little meat there where he was eating.I think that this film was very well edited. I liked the cuts.

Tracy F (kr) wrote: Not as impressive as I thought but Natasha shines.

Erica S (us) wrote: ending sucked but it was a decent movie

Harrison R (it) wrote: Structurally brilliant, and the content is maybe the most important question ever