Nothing in Common

Nothing in Common

On his way up the corporate ladder, David Basner confronts his greatest challenge: his father.

A successful ad man (Hanks) must juggle his ever-demanding career while his parents' marriage breaks up. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Andreas L (au) wrote: Not without its merits for dog lovers and Enlightened / Mike White enthusiasts

Omar L (fr) wrote: It's not enough that players like John Tucker be aware of how hurtful their games are, but it's important that they don't encourage it from happening. The ending of this movie had a chance to address that, but it squandered it with a very poor tacked-on ending. Jesse Metcalf plays a fantastic John Tucker, and it's a shame we haven't seen more of him in other projects.

Hans T (nl) wrote: Flott dokumentarfilm om Dick Proenneke som forlot samfunnet og flyttet ut i Alaskas villmark. Dick var mer en Lars Monsen enn en Chris McCandless, og bygget sin egen koie fra scratch. Han dokumenterte alt vha. videoopptak og notater allerede p slutten av 60-tallet, og hans bilder er i beste Monsen-stil. Dessverre har Bob Swerer valgt klippe inn diverse dyrebilder som bare blir tullete - dokumentaren hadde helt fint klart st p egne bein med kun Proennekes opptak! Filmen viser i stor grad hvordan Proenneke bygde opp sitt bosted fra scratch, og man fr litt "Farmen behind the scenes"-flelser. Vel verdt se, og Proenneke som gjorde dette som et prosjekt for se om han klarte en vinter utenfor sivilisasjonen - ble s fornyd med sitt eget arbeid at han forble i villmarka i 35 r!

Martin C (mx) wrote: Takin' off our shirts! Bout to make deez rifles Birch! Birch! Birch! Birch! SWAG!

Steve G (kr) wrote: My one major qualm is that I was hoping for a greater number of immortals congregating in NYC. But really, it was just one extra. That was somewhat disappointing, & anti-climactic. A larger group would have brought greater urgency & intensity to the film, I believe. The sex scene was gratuitous and unnecessary. The last fight could've been better choreographed. Too much foreshadowing (victory music playing before the duel ended?). Apart from these faults, it is a superior movie.Faults can sometimes be overlooked when strengths are so overwhelming.I completely bought into the whole mythos of it. What seemed like a confusing juxtaposition of settings at first, became a wonderful parallel in time. The notion of living through generations for some future goal enraptured me. The annoying NYC woman wasn't my favorite, among other lesser quibbles, but this was more about the journey. And it was a fantastic one.

John N (fr) wrote: This really didn't do much for me. I admire Jack Hill's attempt at making a more meaningful film than just a T& A exploitation flik. However, I just didn't think its Shakespearean themes meshed well with the hammy dialogue and absurd street life scenarios. Also, I really don't like Robbie Lee. She talks between her teeth. Ugh!

Zoran S (es) wrote: This is a precode comedy with Jean Harlow as a trampy, manipulative red-headed woman named "Lil" who gold digs her way into the life of her boss. Harlow is funny and, of course, sexy throughout the film. I haven't seen too many precode films, so I was struck by how gratuitous and titillating some scenes are, such as when "Lil" and Sally exchange clothes during which the camera lingers. This film holds up nicely as a 1932 film especially given the rather crazy and unexpected ending which lacks any expected sense of moralizing.

Timbo M (ru) wrote: Good plot, good script, good acting, good locations, good camera work, good lighting. For me the only thing that lets this film down is the sound. No offence to Mark Verner if he is responsible, but some of the dialogue is softly spoken and ruined in some places by the morose and seemingly never ending soundtrack. Don't get me wrong, the music is good and appropriate in places, but it just seems omnipresent. There's no light and shade with it. This could really do with a re-edit, dropping out the music all together in some patches. Let's hear the dialogue and emotion eh?The final scene probably sums it up for me, and I realise this is probably done on a relatively small budget; shot in a small room with hard walls there's way too much ambient reverb. Come on guys, a few old curtains from a charity shop hung out of shot and you've killed the hideous reverb without the need for an expensive overdub.Rant over, I did really enjoy the film. If you can get past the sound quality, which in all fairness is not all that bad, you've got a great movie. Well done Perry Bhandal. I like films that don't end with an obvious twist or a deus ex.

Tim M (nl) wrote: Nicolas Cage is sublime as Yuri Orlav, a man examining the morality of his work, but too far gone to hope for any formof retribution. This is the blackest of satires.

Shanny N (ca) wrote: Mythica 2 is the best fantasy movie since lord of the rings, especially the acting of Melanie as Marek. The Utah scenery is beautiful, and the special effects incredible considering the low budget that they have to use.

HungYa L (fr) wrote: Absolutely love it. Used to watch it as much as possible. One of few Mark Wahlberg movies I have enjoyed.

Sam F (es) wrote: The third best Die Hard movie, carrying over archetypes, tone, and pacing from the first and With a Vengeance. While some will accuse it of politicizing, accepting and choosing to enjoy its over-the-top scale reveals more character and pop than many of its contemporaries.